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South Korea - H5N1 in Wild Bird in Iksan

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  • South Korea - H5N1 in Wild Bird in Iksan

    12/08/2010 00:55:02
    Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry of Food, "in Iksan chunpomyeon Mangyeung an attempt to capture wild birds for avian influenza testing in the detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza," he said.
    The spread of foot and mouth crisis in Gyeongbuk province and acquaintances with the advent of the migratory birds caused by avian influenza in the Honam region, while the Government has taken on the chobisang.
    The avian influenza, especially in the area of avian influenza in Japan shortly after the prevalent spread throughout the peninsula came to show that the possibility that it is impossible. http://translate.googleusercontent.c...ToUIFE2lFjlgkQ

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    Re: Avian influenza occurs in Iksan

    South Korea- H5N1 found in wild birds

    Avian influenza occurs, Chonbuk iksanseo
    2010/12/07 23:54 송고
    <!--// 기사내용 -->
    (AP) reporter = yigangwon avian influenza in Iksan (AI) occurred.

    The spread of foot and mouth crisis in Gyeongbuk province and in the middle of avian influenza in migratory birds coming from Hunan acquaintances balsaenghae chobisang authorities took books.

    The avian influenza, especially in the area of avian influenza that is prevalent in Japan came after the show that spread to the entire peninsula is a possibility that a situation.
    Meanwhile, Daegu-gun that beef is a place to report suspected foot and mouth disease FMD jeopsudwae Andong, Gyeongbuk Province has spread to two is a pattern.

    Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 7 "in Iksan chunpomyeon Mangyeung an attempt to capture wild birds for avian influenza testing (Wed 39 Mallard) Avian influenza in (H5N1 type) 1 can detect that," he said.

    Accordingly, the occurrence of Avian influenza nongsikpumbuneun Mangyeung emergency disinfection around and within 10km radius around the detection point is set to manage the areas, poultry farmers are stepping up their defenses on the block.

    Jeonbukdo also install Avian Influenza Prevention Headquarters, the sterilization performed on the main road, and net pens for wild birds to block access to the installation, such as poultry farms and took action to strengthen the clinical forecasting.

    Place within the management area 219 2687460 dalnongga Wed, 13 duck farms in the number of ? 138,540, he said.

    Government and local governments in the country. FIG chickens, ducks in poultry farms, including access control, such as vehicles and people for emergency disinfection and pest control, such as clinical observation and disinfection has been carried out.

    However, a senior official nongsikpumbu "The avian influenza in wild birds that will occur as far from the barn to poultry farmers can not be propagated," he said.


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      Re: Avian influenza occurs in Iksan

      AI Defense Emergency

      Avian influenza in a mallard Mangyeung (AI) virus was detected.

      Accordingly, as the world spotlight for Migratory Birds in the winter migratory birds in the dense area, strengthen emergency geumgangho took an AI prevention.

      Jeonbukdo on April 29, Iksan National Veterinary Research and Quarantine chunpomyeon Mangyeung a two to 30 in the mallard pohoekhae tested and H5 antigen in a serum geomchuldwae result of an overhaul Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N1) were determined as the final said 7 days.

      Accordingly, within a radius of 10 ㎞ jeonbukdo boundary decided by administrative area for chickens and ducks is out to confirm the clinical prevention and emergency measures went on AI.

      Migrants in Kunsan City unjiphan geumgangho As pointed out in a sensitive area that the AI has been proposed the need to strengthen defenses.


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        Re: Avian influenza occurs in Iksan


        2010/12/08 00:41 KST
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        S. Korea confirms bird flu outbreak in southern province
        SEOUL, Dec. 8 (Yonhap) -- The South Korean government confirmed on Tuesday a bird flu outbreak in a southwestern region of the country, a main winter habitat of migratory birds.

        The agricultural ministry said the state veterinary service confirmed that the bird flu virus was found in one of the blood samples sent from Iksan, North Jeolla Province.

        The ministry conducted an emergency disinfection of the area around the Mangyeong River, where the infected wild bird was found, and put an area within a 10-kilometer radius from the site of the outbreak under intensive care...


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          Re: South Korea - H5N1 in Wild Bird in Iksan

          Iksan, South Korea, with high pathogenic avian influenza 【10:55】

          Korean Central News Agency〕 〔in Iksan, North Jeolla boundless expanse of the captured ducks faeces River Basin, we found a highly pathogenic H5N1 type bird flu virus, epidemic prevention staff has stepped up vigilance.

          South Korea, "Yonhap news agency," Today's message from the bottom of Iksan City, pointed out that the units in the boundless expanse of river basin to capture 39 wild ducks and inspection, from examination of their faeces out of the highly pathogenic H5N1 type bird flu virus. Bird droppings from the bird flu virus that test AI antigen, the first time in South Korea.

          South Korean quarantine officers are fully Gyeongsangbuk culled and buried within the cloven-hoofed animals infected with foot and mouth disease, and now they Jeollabuk avian flu.

          North Jeolla Province in 2006 and and 2008 has had a recurrence of bird flu, this time appears highly pathogenic H5N1 type bird flu virus, making the area whom chicken duck farmers nervous.

          Reported that the winter of 2006 Jeollabuk attack of bird flu, has caused loss of 40 billion won (about 1.08 billion NT), 2008, is also well-eup and buried Gimje culling hundreds of thousands of chickens and ducks.