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South Korea: H7N7 in Wild Birds

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  • South Korea: H7N7 in Wild Birds


    Gumi Haepyeong confirms'low pathogenicity' of avian influenza antigen detected in wild birds
    Reporter Jeong Jae-woo 2020.11.18 17:35:38

    [Gumi = Energy Economic Daily Reporter Jeong Jae-woo] Gyeongsangbuk-do announced on the 13th that it was finally confirmed as a low pathogenic avian influenza (H7N7 type) as a result of a close examination of the feces of wild birds collected from the Haepyeong migratory bird habitat in Gumi.

    Accordingly, the movement restrictions for poultry within a 10 km radius of the detection area according to the AI ​​SOP (AI SOP) are lifted, but the roads around the detection area and the access and access routes are maintained on a daily basis to strengthen the blocking and quarantine.

    In addition, due to the danger of migratory birds coming in earnest, all poultry farms △ meticulously maintain quarantine facilities such as nets, fences, and all rooms to prevent bird influenza (AI), and △ strict access control for personnel and vehicles , △Apply sufficient quicklime to the farmhouse entrance/exit and around the livestock house, △Disinfect the inside and outside the livestock house and roads around the farmhouse daily, △Change boots (shoes) for each livestock house, and Must be observed.

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