Namwonseo low-pathogenic AI outbreak… Enhancing sterilization of chicken breeding farms

Reporter Choi Myeong-kuk, Jeonbuk CBS
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2020-08-07 15:23

H9N2 type low pathogenicity, infectious weakness
Disinfection of vehicles for native chicken farms and traditional markets

Recently, H9N2-type low-pathogenic avian influenza (AI) occurred in the traditional market in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, and Jeollabuk-do and cities and counties began to strengthen disinfection.

Jeollabuk-do said on the 7th, "We are conducting disinfection of transportation vehicles, cleaning of mooring stations, and confirmation of disinfection for domestic chicken farmers and traditional markets including Namwon."

Each city and county sterilizes the transportation vehicles for native chickens before entering farming, and after confirming the disinfection certificate, it is allowed to enter the vehicles.

In addition, the livestock quarantine officer checks whether the chickens are cleaned and disinfected before they enter the mooring.

An official from Jeollabuk-do said, "This low-pathogenic avian influenza is weakly contagious and extremely unlikely to develop highly pathogenic."

As of this year, avian influenza has not occurred in other cities and counties in the province except Namwon.
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