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Seoul will help Pyongyang with influenza

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  • Seoul will help Pyongyang with influenza

    "Seoul will help Pyongyang to influenza
    2009-12-10 2009-12-10
    translation fromArabic

    North Korea acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that there are cases infected with influenza virus, the new HP-1 - The -1, where the Ministry of Health confirmed the presence of nine cases infected with the virus in the city, "Chen Ooi Joe" near the border of China, in addition to the capital, which published by Central News Agency in the north.

    This is the first time has confirmed that the reclusive communist state of swine influenza virus to penetrate its territory, where it remained by the secretive about this subject, although there are reports that the incidence of death in the north because of the virus.

    It is noticeable that the admission came after just one day after President Lee Myung-bak gave his orders to the government to look for ways to provide medical aid is conditional to North Korea in order to meet the new influenza virus.

    On the other hand newspaper announced the Assembly of the Korean citizens, pro - North Korea and found in Japan, that the authorities North some of the actions being taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

    According to the newspaper report, the school winter vacation in the North had begun last Friday, a month before the usual time, as a result of the rapid spread of the virus in the communist state, While rumors have swirled that the number of HIV victims in the north have now stands at forty people. and then the recognition by the authorities in North Korea, the spread of the virus has strong connotations, and most important is that Pyongyang is a strong need for assistance to cope with this dangerous epidemic.

    It is noteworthy that Seoul has was provided by the medical aid to Pyongyang in 2005 when the spread of bird flu, which is the latest breakthrough in the relations between the two Koreas have been suspended because of the time for Seoul to accept the 468 run Koreans have fled to Vietnam in July of 2004. Because the recognition came as the North noted in the wake of South Korean President's directives to provide medical aid to the North, Seoul now hoped a breakthrough of the stalemate in relations with Pyongyang through the provision of such medical assistance to cope with HIV-1 - The -1.

    The Government has stressed that South Korean that aid would be unconditional, which are only based on humanitarian principles. We hope that this will be the South Korean proposal to provide medical aid to the North as a turning point in the progress of relations between the two Koreas, which are suffering from a rebound.