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Japan: H5N1 in birds 2021

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  • Japan: H5N1 in birds 2021


    Completed incineration of over 150,000 bird flu birds in Himeji City
    December 01, 11:29

    Due to the bird flu that occurred in Himeji City in November, the prefecture announced on the 1st that the incineration of more than 150,000 birds at the incinerator in the city was completed.

    On November 17, a highly pathogenic "H5N1" avian influenza virus was confirmed in chickens found dead in Himeji City.
    Hyogo Prefecture has continued to incinerate at two facilities in Himeji City even after slaughter of about 156,000 chickens in the poultry farm and disinfection of the poultry house with the support of the Self-Defense Forces. Announced that it was completed at 6 am on the 1st.
    So far, no outbreaks of bird flu have been confirmed in other poultry farms in the vicinity, so we will gradually lift the restricted areas to prevent the spread.
    At midnight on the 3rd, the measures prohibiting the shipment of chickens within a radius of 3 to 10 km around the poultry farm were lifted, and at midnight on the 14th, the movement of chickens within a radius of 3 km was prohibited. We are going to cancel the measures we are taking.
    The Hyogo Prefectural Bird Influenza Countermeasures Headquarters Secretariat is calling for "The treatment of the bird flu that has occurred this time is proceeding smoothly, but the season will continue until spring, so please continue to be vigilant."

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      Prevention of bird flu, order to disinfect poultry farms in Kumamoto Prefecture Governor Kabashima "Thorough hygiene management"
      Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun | December 06, 2021 19:46

       Following the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza at a poultry farm in Nankan Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, Governor Ikuo Kabashima announced on the 6th that all 205 poultry farms in the prefecture that raise more than 100 chickens will be treated based on the Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law. We issued an order to disinfect the area around the poultry house and the site. The purpose is to prevent the spread of the virus. We are requesting completion by the end of January next year...

      ...In addition, the prefecture announced that the avian influenza virus that occurred this time was confirmed to be highly pathogenic to "H5N1 type" by genetic testing by a national institution. This is the third case of H5N1 type confirmation in Japan this season.

       When the prefecture conducted an urgent survey of 10 places such as migratory bird landings on the 3rd to 4th in the wild bird monitoring priority area with a radius of 10km from the outbreak poultry farm, no abnormalities such as mass death were confirmed. We will continue to monitor until January 2nd next year. (Ryosuke Takamune)


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          Japan to slaughter around 130,000 chickens due to bird flu outbreak
          Dec 31, 2021 05:36 GMT

          The authorities of the Ehime prefecture (Japan) will slaughter around 130,000 chickens due to an outbreak of bird flu.

          The highly pathogenic H5N1 virus infection was recorded in one of the local poultry farms. Subsequently, a sanitary zone was set up within a radius of three kilometers around the farm and disinfection points have been organized. The Asian country has already slaughtered around 400,000 chickens since autumn this year for similar causes.