Outbreak of mild respiratory disease caused by H5N1 and H9N2 infections among young children in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2011, ICDDR,B, Health and Science Bulletin, Vol. 9 No. 2, June 2011


Country: Bangladesh

Location: Kamalapur
Age: 51 month
Sex: Female


2011 Feb 11-25: Purchase of broiler chickens, contact with raw meat
always took part in cutting chicken into pieces and washing the meat. During the 15 days prior to her onset of illness, her father bought defeathered and eviscerated chickens on four occasions.
2011 Feb 20: Dead sparrow at home
According to her parents, Approximately five days prior to her onset of illness, the mother found a dead sparrow in the veranda of their home. She called her child over to look at it, but did not remember whether the child touched the dead sparrow or not.

2011 Feb 25: Onset
a. C/C fever and headache

Feb 26: Visit ICDDR,B clinic, 1st NPW
a. mother took her to the Kamalapur Field Clinic
b. S & S runny nose, cough and sneezing 38.2C
c. paracetamol and oral rehydration solution

Feb 28: Symptom subsided

March 23: Lab confirmation, influenza A (H9N2)
March 25: F/U NPW 1 negative for influenza A
March 28: F/U NPW 2 negative for influenza A
March 29: F/U NPW 3 negative for influenza A
April 7: F/U NPW 4 negative for influenza A


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