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Bangladesh announces compensation for bird flu affected farms

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  • Bangladesh announces compensation for bird flu affected farms

    B?desh announces compensation for bird flu affected farms

    Dhaka, April 15: Bangladesh authorities on Sunday announced compensation package for bird flu affected farms saying the country "successfully" contained the outbreak of avian influenza with prompt actions in the past three weeks.

    "The disease is under control now after culling of nearly 79,000 birds since it was detected three weeks ago," agriculture and livestock adviser C S Karim told reporters.

    He, however, said that the bird flu could spread further unless tight vigil was enforced across the country.

    Karim said the government would provide taka 70 for each chicken culled since the detection of avian flu on March 23 and the money will be released soon "to bring the demoralised farmers back to the industry".

    His comments came shortly after he held a meeting with the stakeholders including hatchery owners of the poultry industry to find mechanisms for compensating the marginal farmers.

    The poultry industry Samannoi Committee, an adhoc committee formed by the poultry insiders, said the hatchery owners would provide day-one chicks free of cost to the farmers while the feeders would serve feeds for a month to the chickens.

    Commercial banks, which have provided loan to the affected farmers, would ease the repayment conditions with provisions for further credit to the sincere poultry growers in the eight affected districts, ministry officials said.

    Bangladesh has banned import of grade parents and day one chicks from 62 countries, which have become fully or partially affected by the avian flu. Official sources said only 32 out of 300,000 poultry farms in Bangladesh have been reportedly affected by the bird flu.