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Thailand is the first country to approve manufacturing of the Covid nasal spray

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  • Thailand is the first country to approve manufacturing of the Covid nasal spray


    The spray has been developed through the joint efforts of Chulalongkorn University, Silpakorn University, the Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI), the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) and Hibiocy Co Ltd, an affiliate of Roujukiss International PCL or KISS

    Worrawan Chaikamnerd, CEO of Hibiocy Co Ltd and KISS, Flt Lt Dr Nimit Prasitdumrong, Honorary Expert of Hibiocy Co Ltd have today joined with the public sector led by Assoc Prof Dr Chanchai Sittipunt, dean of Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine and GPO Managing Director Dr Withoon Danwiboon to announce the development and the rollout of an “antibody nasal spray”.

    This special event was held at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, with HSRI Managing Director Dr Nopporn Cheanklin kindly presiding over the event.

    A great source of national pride
    “The Covid-19 situation in many countries including Thailand is now in a ‘stable condition. But it’s imperative that Thailand continues to watch the situation, trends and figures closely, as we adapt to live with the coronavirus,” Dr Nopporn says.

    Over the past two years, Thai scientists and researchers from the public and private sectors have worked together to develop a range of protective and diagnostic tools in a bid to curb the spread of the virus and help people protect themselves from infection.

    Recently, the two sectors teamed up to develop an antibody-based nasal spray, which serves as the latest shield in offering extra protection against Covid-19.

    The breakthrough was transferred to the private sector which carried out clinical research to meet the standards needed for registration with the Thai FDA.

    The antibodies that were created to make the spray have been already patented. They have been used to make an antibody-based nasal spray sold under the tradename “Vaill CoviTRAP Anti-CoV Nasal Spray”, making Thailand the first country in the world to approve the commercial manufacturing of the spray. ...

    A promising nasal spray
    Worrawan says the spray is now available on the market. She notes that the spray can be effective in suppressing coronavirus infections, citing a clinical trial that has shown that the spray can reduce infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 effectively. It can offer about 6 hours of protection with just two sprays per nostril. The antibody-based nasal spray could stop the coronavirus from infecting the body by trapping the virus that enters the nose and neutralizing or weakening it, making it unable to cause an infection inside the body.

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    It seems to me that the antibodies needed to fight COVID-19 are slightly different for each strain. How is this phenomena addressed by this product? For instance antibody drugs that work against the 4 and 5 Omicron strains are reportedly ineffective against the 2.75 strain. Just wondering.