Tibet’s provincial capital Lhasa battles food shortage amid COVID-19 outbreak
September 17, 2022

A crippling food shortage triggered by a prolonged quarantine period has gripped Tibet’s provincial capital Lhasa, which is facing a serious COVID-19 outbreak, according to a media report on Friday. Widespread infections and food shortages have rocked the small city of Lhasa after more than a month of extreme COVID-19 measures.
Lhasa, the city of 860,000, has recorded more than 540 infections so far and food is running out for many families in the city as people have been either locked in their homes or sent to makeshift hospitals since the first cases were identified on August 8, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post newspaper reported.
A Lhasa resident, who identified himself as Sam Wang, said he had been locked in his home for 36 days.
“It is extremely difficult to get food and many people have run out of food. I feel we are in the same situation as Ili [prefecture in Xinjiang],” the Post quoted Wang as saying.
The Ili city government apologised after acute shortages of food and essential items earlier this month prompted residents to take to social media to complain about it, triggering an online backlash...