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Thailand: Shortage of hospital beds for Covid patients

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  • Thailand: Shortage of hospital beds for Covid patients


    Shortage of hospital beds for Covid-19 patients worrisome
    Published 1 week ago on Sunday, April 18, 2021

    A shortage of hospital beds for Covid-19 patients is spreading throughout Thailand, as the Coronavirus surges through the country, and people are getting desperate to secure a bed for their loved ones. Even celebrities are posting on social media in an attempt to get a space in the rapidly filling hospitals. Government officials say there are enough beds for everyone with Covid-19 but not all beds are in luxury facilities. The National Health Security Office says a 700-person waiting list exists for Covid-19 infected patients to get a hospital bed. The NHSO performs daily check-ups and advice anyone needing help to call 1330 or the Department of Medical Services at 1668.

    The president of the Private Hospital Association asserts that the shortage is not as dire as it seems, and a lot of the problem stems from how private hospitals are handling bed allocation. He claims that private hospitals didn?t make proper arrangements and are not referring Covid-19 infected patients out of their medical network in order to charge for treatment even though the government is paying for Covid-19 expenses.

    Part of the problem is that hospitals are required to admit all patients as soon as they test positively for Coronavirus to avoid spreading. As a result, some private hospitals have stopped testing for Covid-19 when they don?t have beds to accommodate them...


    A look at Thailand?s Covid-19 growing field hospitals
    Published 1 day ago on Saturday, April 24, 2021
    By Neill Fronde

    Field hospitals have become a necessity across Thailand as Covid-19 cases surge after the Songkran holiday and hospitals struggle to accommodate patients. 20,000 people have now been treated for the coronavirus with thousands of them being admitted to these pop-up medical facilities. And with today seeing a huge jump in Covid-19 infections, the number of people in field hospitals will definitely grow. But not all field hospitals were created equal and experiences vary widely.

    The need for field hospitals began being discussed in early January when the second wave of Covid-19 hit Thailand, with provincial governors being asked to plan for what venues in their area could be converted to medical facilities if needed. But now that the third wave of Covid-19 has brought daily infections in the thousands, these overflow plans have been rolled out not just in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but even in smaller provinces where infection surge.

    When Covid-19 first broke out in Wuhan they had extensive field hospitals constructed within one week. South Korea, the United States, and Germany are with Thailand as countries that have put field hospitals into regular use in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

    With hospitals full and waiting lists growing, field hospitals provide temporary accommodation for large influxes of patience. The Medical Services Department and the Health Service Support Department oversee these quickly-constructed facilities and the beds lack partitioning but are spaced for social distance. They are typically no-frills with only basic necessities like food and water, a bed and a blanket...