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Myanmar - To prevent COVID-19 China has established 502 border control points to prevent illegal crossings to Ruili from Myanmar - September 19, 2020

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  • Myanmar - To prevent COVID-19 China has established 502 border control points to prevent illegal crossings to Ruili from Myanmar - September 19, 2020

    Yunnan Ruili comprehensively strengthens border patrol control and blocks 114 illegal passages
    September 19, 2020 23:22 CCTV
      Original title: Yunnan Ruili comprehensively strengthened border patrol control, blocked 114 illegal passages, set up 502 border control points

      On September 19, the reporter learned from the news conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Ruili, Yunnan, as of 15:00 on the 19th, in order to strictly prevent the recurrence of imported cases from abroad, Ruili blocked 114 illegal traffic (convenience) roads and set up There were 502 border control points, and 3,122 people were put into mass prevention and control forces; 2 law enforcement boats were dispatched daily to inspect the river to comprehensively strengthen border patrol control.

      In accordance with the requirements of "five control", continuously strengthen the party, government, military, police and civilian joint defense and control mechanism, and weave a dense border prevention and control network through the "5 24-hour" border prevention and control network, namely: 24-hour headquarters on duty, 24-hour video inspections, and key locations 24-hour sealing control, 24-hour patrol at the front line of the border, and 24-hour guarding of all stuck points. Severely crack down on illegal crossing of the country (border) according to law, and severely punish stowaways and organize, assist, and accommodate stowaways. Implement the closed management system for border villages, the "zero report" system, and the reporting and reward system for illegally crossing the border (frontier), and mobilize the people to actively support participation and cooperation.

      Next, the main methods of border prevention and control in Ruili City are:

      The first is to severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts that illegally cross the border of the country (frontier), optimize investigations and defenses, comprehensively investigate and rectify, resolutely crack down on illegal immigrants, seriously pursue the responsibility of assisting and hosting persons, strengthen the management of foreign personnel, and form an anti-country ) Powerful deterrence of illegal activities.

      The second is to effectively strengthen border control, further improve the party, government, military, police and civilian joint prevention and control mechanism, and integrate and coordinate the deployment of party members and cadres, the People's Liberation Army, public security police, border control and border inspection, militia, border officials, border guards, and forest guards , The leaders of the village management section, and other parties, strictly guard against death, weave a tight border prevention and control network, and block all loopholes that may lead to the import of the epidemic.

      The third is to further strengthen physical defense and technical defense measures, upgrade supporting information methods, increase investment, accelerate construction, ensure quality, and be practical and effective, and weave a dense border defense and control network.

      Fourth, continue to do a good job in joint prevention and control of Myanmar, earnestly strengthen bilateral epidemic prevention and control work, and implement aid to Myanmar at the national, provincial, and state levels. (CCTV reporter Chen Jian and Li Jinsong)


    403 new cases, 11 new deaths

    So far Myanmar has reported 4,870 cases, 81 deaths