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North Korea - 2019-nCov (new coronavirus) - N. Korean tests positive for COVID-19 in China - zero officially confirmed cases - Emergency declared in Kaesong area - February 2, 2020

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    N. Korea has quarantined 865 suspected COVID-19 cases

    More than 5,000 people released from quarantine facilities in the country may have died, a source speculated
    Jang Seul Gi -
    2020.06.12 9:11am

    North Korea has quarantined at least 865 people showing symptoms of COVID-19 infections in government-designated facilities across the country, Daily NK has learned.

    A report by the country’s central emergency disease control command found that, as of May 30, 865 people had been placed in state-designated facilities after suffering from symptoms ranging from fevers, coughing and breathing issues, a Daily NK source in the country said yesterday.

    According to the report, 212 of those quarantined are in North Pyongan Province, 65 in South Pyongan Province, 140 in North Hamgyong Province, 80 in South Hamgyong Province, 123 in Chagang Province, 77 in Ryanggang Province, 32 in South Hwanghae Province, nine in North Hwanghae Province, and 29 in Kangwon Province. There are also 37 people in quarantine facilities in Nampo and another 61 in Rason.

    No one in Pyongyang was reported being placed in isolation facilities because any Pyongyang resident suspected of having a COVID-19 infection was moved to quarantine facilities in South Pyongan Province or Nampo Special City, the source told Daily NK.

    The report did not account for people with suspected “light” symptoms of the coronavirus who are self-isolating at home; those with COVID-19 symptoms suffering from preexisting medical conditions; or the number of soldiers currently in quarantine. Daily NK’s source said that this suggests there may be many more suspected COVID-19 cases the report failed to take into account.

    The 865 people mentioned in the report are currently quarantined in a range of places, including motels, resorts, and education-related facilities. People showing severe symptoms are reportedly being given fever reducers, drugs to treat tuberculosis, and cold medicine. The source said that there were no cases in which these drugs had any effect...


    • AFP July 25, 2020

      North Korean authorities have imposed a lockdown on the border city of Kaesong after discovering what they called the country's first suspected case of the novel coronavirus, state media reported Sunday.

      Leader Kim Jong Un convened an emergency politburo meeting on Saturday to implement a "maximum emergency system and issue a top-class alert" to contain the virus, official news agency KCNA said.

      If confirmed, it would be the first officially recognised COVID-19 case in the North where medical infrastructure is seen as woefully inadequate for dealing with any epidemic.

      ... Kim was quoted as saying "the vicious virus could be said to have entered the country", and officials on Friday took the "preemptive measure of totally blocking Kaesong City".


      • 2020-07-26 07:15:02Reporter: Dong Haitao

        A suspected case of new crown pneumonia detected in Kaesong, North Korea, Kim Jong-un declares a state of emergency in the area

        According to the CCTV news client, according to a report by the Korean Central News Agency on the 26th, a suspected case of new coronary pneumonia was found in Kaicheng, a border city of North Korea.

        According to reports, this suspected case of new coronary pneumonia fled to South Korea three years ago and returned to North Korea illegally across the border between North Korea and South Korea on July 19. The North Korean side judged the person as a suspected case of new coronary pneumonia based on the person's upper respiratory tract secretions and blood test results.

        On the 24th, North Korea has completely blocked Kaicheng. On the 25th, the Central Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party of Korea held an emergency enlarged meeting. Kim Jong Un declared a state of emergency in the region, turning the national emergency prevention system into the largest emergency system.

        Edit Yang Li

        Source: CCTV News Client


        • "New Corona Occurrence" Admitted by Kim Jong-un: Japanese "Abigan Introductory" Idea Ups and Downs Under the Theory of "500 Dead"

          7/26 (Sunday) 12: 09


          ◇ "500 dead, 390,000 quarantined" reports
           Korea's leading paper, Chosun Ilbo, said on 10th of this month that it was "the testimony on the 9th of the sources familiar with North Korea's internal circumstances" that "the infection status of the new coronavirus deteriorated in North Korea from May to June." As of the end of the month, the number of deaths associated with the new corona infection exceeded 500. "The number of quarantine targets was 390,000." "The number of deaths is increasing rapidly."
           In the testimony, there was a mass infection due to reasons such as "the students, residents, and military personnel gathered and worked in one place during the May-June rice planting mobilization," and "the schools in each region entered the new semester in early June." Some even mentioned the possibility that something happened.
           "The inside of (North Korea) is slowing down the spread of the infection and is struggling to prevent the epidemics," the newspaper said.
           In addition, the newspaper said as a story of diplomatic sources, "Kits are provided to North Korea from China and Russia and tests are possible" "But even if a new corona patient dies, it is classified as "acute pneumonia" and all the bodies are I'm cremated."




            Border with China has been closed and it is reported that a "shoot to kill" order has been issued in order to maintain the integrity of the border. Previous claims that the country was free of the Coronavirus have been changed with an admission that it may have entered the country.


            U.S. based source -

            North Korea has set up a shoot-to-kill zone along its border with China to prevent citizens from crossing into China and bringing the coronavirus back with them should they return, the senior U.S. commander on the Korean peninsula said this week.

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            ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


            • Kim Jong-un “a major quarantine incident” was penetrated by North Korean corona

              [Korea JoongAng Ilbo] | Enter 2021/06/30 08:32 | Edited 2021/06/30 14:52

              North Korean media suggest retaliation, including Choi Yong-hae, as if the complete lockdown was disrupted

              North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (pictured) urged officials to say that "a serious incident has occurred" in relation to the prevention and control of COVID-19. Analysts say that an unexpected problem occurred in Kaesong in July last year, more than the re-entry of a North Korean defector suspected of being infected with Corona 19.

              According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on the 30th, Chairman Kim said at the expanded meeting of the Political Bureau of the Party on the previous day on the 29th that "a serious incident has occurred that creates a great crisis for the safety of the country and the people" in relation to the prevention of COVID-19. He also said, "The executives in charge of the national ambassador have neglected to implement the party's important decisions in preparation for the global health crisis," he said.

              Kim Jong-un "Crisis due to negligence in quarantine" Possibility of purging

              North Korea is claiming that no confirmed cases have been reported since early last year through hard-line measures such as closing borders to respond to COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report released on the 22nd of last month, North Korea reported that the cumulative number of tests exceeded 30,000, but all were negative. In December of last year, when then Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Kyung-wha said “it’s a bit strange” to the assertion that there are no confirmed cases of Corona 19 in North Korea, Vice-Chairman Kim Yeo-jeong slammed it, calling it “presumptuous review” and “recklessness. Therefore, it is unusual for the supreme leader to directly disclose the fact that there was a setback related to the prevention of COVID-19.

              Kim In-tae, senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Strategy, said, “It should be taken into account that North Korea has taken the unprecedented and highest level of response, such as a full-scale blockade of its borders related to COVID-19. We can speculate on the possibility, but whether it actually spreads remains to be seen.”

              The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) announced at the meeting that "the members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo, members of the Politburo, some of the candidate members and party secretaries were summoned, and cadres of state agencies were moved and appointed." This is an indication that a large-scale censure and sacking of executives have been made in relation to the occurrence of a 'major incident'. In addition to Chairman Kim, the Politburo Standing Committee Chairman Choe Yong-hae, Party Organization Secretary Cho Yong-won, Party Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Lee Byung-chol, and Cabinet Prime Minister Kim Duk-hoon have been dismissed.

              Lim-chul, a professor at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University, said, “Chairman Kim has strictly enforced intensive ideological and performance censorship of party cadres since the 8th Party Congress. There is,” he analyzed.



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                • Poor people, stuck between starvation and a ruthless command structure.


                  • Russia offers North Korea Covid vaccines again as crisis worsens

                    Published 8 hours ago

                    Russia has offered North Korea Covid vaccines once again, amid reports that a harsh lockdown is leading to extreme hunger.

                    Pyongyang has refused vaccines and aid from a number of countries.

                    It has instead sealed borders to try and keep the virus out but that has affected trade with China. It relies on Beijing for food, fertiliser and fuel.

                    Kim Jong-un has acknowledged that the country is facing food shortages, describing the situation as "tense".
                    I've discussed the logistical issues of this with a number of experts who suggest that North Korea's reluctance may be due to a lack of refrigeration facilities to transport the vaccine and a fear of letting foreigners in to monitor the rollout.
                    North Korea says it has no Covid cases, a claim doubted by experts.

                    Last week a high ranking official was fired over an unspecified "grave incident" believed to be related to the virus.
                    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                    -Nelson Mandela


                    • Seoul spy agency: No sign NKorean leader has been vaccinated

                      By HYUNG-JIN KIM and KIM TONG-HYIUNG


                      SEOUL, South Korea (AP) —
                      The NIS has a mixed record in reporting developments in North Korea, one of the world’s most secretive countries. Some non-government experts have speculated that Kim and his top deputies may have received vaccines imported through unofficial channels.

                      Another lawmaker, Kim Byung-kee, quoted the NIS as saying that North Korea’s government is trying to dispel any expectations among ordinary citizens that they will receive vaccines from abroad and is instead urging them to boost their anti-virus vigilance.

                      He said North Korea is building guard posts and concrete structures along its border with China to prevent illegal border crossings as part of its anti-virus steps. He said the lawmakers were told that North Korea isn’t even allowing the entry of diplomats from China, its main ally and aid benefactor.

                      Kim Jong Un recently berated top officials for “crucial” failures in coronavirus prevention that he said caused a “great crisis.” But his government continues to claim a perfect record in fending off the virus from its territory, an assertion that is widely questioned by outside experts.

                      The World Health Organization said last week that North Korea has reported to it that it has tested 31,794 people for the virus through June 24 and that all were negative.

                      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                      -Nelson Mandela


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                        North Korea tells WHO it has no COVID cases after testing additional 696 people
                        Total tested surpasses 33,000 as country reports shortage of medicine and health personnel to U.N.
                        Bryan Betts July 19, 2021

                        North Korea has once again reported no cases of COVID-19 in the country after testing an additional 696 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as the country told the U.N. last week that a lack of medicine and health professionals “remain as challenges.”

                        The DPRK has now collected a total of 66,142 samples from 33,208 people for COVID-19 tests, with all results coming back negative, according to the WHO’s weekly situation report published on Monday. The 696 people tested from July 2-8 included 113 people with flu-like illness or severe acute respiratory infections and 583 health care workers, the WHO report said.

                        North Korea self-reports COVID-19 data to the organization and its figures cannot be independently verified.

                        Last week, Pyongyang admitted lingering problems in the medical sector in its first-ever progress report on the country’s progress toward achieving the U.N.’s sustainable development goals, or SDGs...