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  • NY: 2023 Candida auris


    New York had record-high cases of 'diabolical' fungal infection last year
    By Jacob Geanous
    April 15, 2023 5:02pm Updated

    It might not be “The Last of Us” — but these new stats are pretty terrifying.

    New York had close to the most cases in the nation of a “diabolical” drug-resistant and deadly fungus that has already infected people in at least 28 states.

    There were 379 confirmed cases of the dangerous, drug-resistant fungi named, Candida auris last year, according to the state health department, eclipsing the previous statewide record for infections of 291 in 2021.

    Last year’s totals put it alongside Nevada, California and Florida as the states with the most infections from the fungus with 384, 359 and 349, respectively.

    There have already been at least 72 new cases this year statewide, bringing the state’s total number of cases to 1,454 with the first reports of the infection in the state beginning in 2013.

    “I do not think it’s going to peter out,” warned Dr. Rodney Rohde, a microbiologist and professor of clinical laboratory science at Texas State University...