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Detect bacteria in the Hospital de Durango MX

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  • Detect bacteria in the Hospital de Durango MX

    Spanish to English translation

    Detect bacteria in the Hospital de Durango MX
    Four children have pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacterium that 10 years ago killed 30 children since there was no medicine to control him
    DURANGO | Friday March 18, 2011
    Rosa Esperanza Morales Gaucin | The Universal
    This Friday, the councilor of the municipality of Durango, Alicia Gamboa said that there is a bacteria in the Hospital General Durango called pseudomonas aeruginosa and 50 children who are hospitalized.

    He said ten years ago introduced the death of more than 30 children and said it was because of this organism in this hospital.

    He said he contacted the hospital's director, Armando Flores and said he never scientifically proved that the death has resulted from the presence of this bacteria.

    However, parents of patients who are concerned because the contract is immune to many drugs, "he (Director) tells me that there is medication to address this disease in Durango and the battle itself."

    He said the babies are small and many antibiotics do not prevent the disappearance of the bacteria, "are four children with pseudmona and are already taking."

    This condition has over 20 years in hospitals and sometimes develops and sometimes not, but now you have the required antibiotic, "I hope that the medication is right so that it can fight and kids will soon be restored ".

    As secretary of the City Health Commission, said there is concern this is going to conduct tours of the hospitals of the municipality and in particular by the Municipal Children Hospital where there is not a report of a case of this type.

    However, considered it necessary to take the necessary steps, as though he never found the cause of infant death ten years ago, it is likely that this has been.

    On the statements of the representative of the people, the director of the Hospital General de Durango, Armando Flores said that all under medical supervision and no record of deaths due to nosocomial bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa is presented in the General Hospital.

    Where four of the infants who had symptoms and were discharged and only remains a child under 4 years old, who is undergoing medical treatment.