Updated: februari 1, 2013

Schmallenberg-virus in Europe - 2012/2013

Map of western Europe which shows the location of the foci compatible with Schmallenberg virus infection (SBV) that have been notified to the OIE.
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This map is based on FAO-Empres data. SBV is not a notifiable disease. Most countries stopped reporting.

Note: increasing serological evidence indicates the majority of adult cattle, sheep and goats in affected regions is positive for Schmallenbergvirus.

Countries with evidence of presence of Schmallenberg virus - jan 2013
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Update Schmallenberg virus in France
France: Schmalllenberg virus confirmed in 3,197 farms
Schmallenberg virus spreading in France

Germany: current information on Schmallenberg virus

Netherlands: Schmallenberg virus confirmed in 350 farms

Belgium: Schmallenberg virus found in 577 holdings

Update: more confirmed holdings in Luxembourg and Spain

United Kingdom
Adult animals hit hard by Schmallenberg infection
“Grim return” of Schmallenberg virus in U.K.
UK - Schmallenberg virus – updated testing results
Schmallenberg virus found in livestock in Wales
Wales - Farmer: "Schmallenberg disease has killed half of my lambs"
England: update on acute Schmallenberg virus disease in cattle

The number of farms infected with the Schmallenberg virus has doubled to 54
Evidence that exposure to Schmallenberg virus has been quite widespread in Southern and South-eastern counties of Ireland during 2012
Ireland: second case of livestock virus found

Update: more confirmed holdings in Luxembourg and Spain


Schmallenberg virus also is prevalent in Slovenia

Switzerland: majority of tested cattleholdings positive for Schmallenberg virus

Schmallenbergvirus all over Austria

Czech Republic
Czech Republic: malformed lambs infected with Schmallenberg virus
Schmallenberg virus appeared in the Czech Republic.

First report of Schmallenberg Virus Infection in Cattle and Midges in Poland
Schmallenberg virus found in goats in Poland

Schmallenberg virus detected all over Denmark

Schmallenbergvirus widespread along the coast of southern Norway
Schmallenberg virus detected in biting midges in Norway

Schmallenberg virus in Swedish calves
Malformed and stillborn lambs reported in Sweden
A large proportion of Swedish herds have been exposed to infection
For the first time antibodies against Schmallenbergvirus found in Swedish cattle.

Finland: Schmallenberg virus found in deformed lambs
Antibodies of Schmallenberg virus detected in mainland Finland

Schmallenberg virus in Estonia?
Estonia: Schmallenberg virus detected in sheep in Võrumaa and Hiiumaa

Hungary (suspected)
Hungarian beef was banned in Belarus
"In Hungary, one case of Schmallenberg virus observed".