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Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, Thailand (OIE, 11/30/10, edited): Unexpected increase in morbidity/mortality (Phitsanulok)

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  • Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, Thailand (OIE, 11/30/10, edited): Unexpected increase in morbidity/mortality (Phitsanulok)

    Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, Thailand (OIE, 11/30/10, edited)

    [Source: OIE, full PDF document (LINK). Edited.]

    Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, Thailand

    Information received on 30/11/2010 from Mr Tritsadee Chaosuancharoen, Deputy Director General, Department of Livestock Development , Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Bangkok, Thailand

    • Summary
      • Report type Immediate notification
      • Start date 06/11/2010
      • Date of first confirmation of the event 21/11/2010
      • Report date 30/11/2010
      • Date submitted to OIE 30/11/2010
      • Reason for notification Unexpected increase in morbidity or mortality of a listed disease

    • Summary description:

        • An increase in the morbidity/mortality has been observed in the area of Amphur Ban-Ra-Kam (Phitsanulok province) and PRRS is suspected based on clinical signs. After the Department of Livestock Development was notified, an investigation team was sent to the area and immediately launched disease control measures in order to contain the disease.
        • In total, 660 out of about 2,970 pigs from 90 small pig holders in the province were infected.
        • The clinical presentation of the disease varies among herds but, in general, the clinical signs are: fever, anorexia, lethargy, cutaneous hyperemia, dyspnea and reproductive failure.
        • The production system that has been affected is mainly the backyard sector with low biosecurity.
        • Samples were collected and sent to the Lower Northern Laboratory of Veterinary Research and Development Centre for further confirmation. The source of infection is still under investigation and will be summarized to understand the possible origin of the disease in order to implement appropriate control and prevention measures.
      • Manifestation of disease Clinical disease
      • Causal agent Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
      • This event pertains to a defined zone within the country

    • Epidemiology
      • Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
        • Under investigation by veterinary authorities

    • Epidemiological comments
      • Clinical signs according to the PRRS case definition have been detected. It is characterized by reproductive failure and respiratory distress, which can affect all age groups of pigs.
      • Surveillance is carried out in and out the area of the infected farms.
      • A public awareness campaign has been launched to provide information, education and communication to all target audience in order to educate farmers about PRRS and encourage them to enhance their biosecurity level by applying basic principles.

    • Increased Distribution
      • The areas and species that have recently become affected by the disease.
      • Total - Species:
        • PHITSANULOK - Swine
      • Disease Impact: Increased - Total - Species - Change
        • Incidence - PHITSANULOK - Swine - 3.3299999237061%=>37.779998779297%
        • Morbidity - PHITSANULOK - Swine - 10%=>24%
        • Mortality - PHITSANULOK - Swine - 5%=>22%

    • Control measures
      • Measures applied
        • Quarantine
        • Movement control inside the country
        • Disinfection of infected premises/establishment(s)
        • No vaccination
        • Treatment of affected animals:
          • (Supportive treatment of sick animals. PRRS is a viral disease so there is no specific treatment. Supportive measures can reduce losses from co-infection. They include the use of antibiotics and supplement such as vitamins and electrolytes to increase the immunity of sick pigs.)
      • Measures to be applied
        • Screening
        • Zoning

    • Diagnostic test results
      • Laboratory name and type Lower Northern Laboratory of Veterinary Research and Development Centre (Local laboratory)
        • Tests and results: Species - Test - Test date - Result
          • Swine - polymerase chain reaction (PCR) - Pending

    • Future Reporting
      • The event is continuing. Weekly follow-up reports will be submitted.