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Vietnam: New PRRS outbreak in Dai Loc District, Quang Nam province

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  • Catbird
    Re: Vietnam: New PRRS outbreak in Dai Loc District, Quang Nam province

    Machine translation from original article:

    "Quang Nam: basic blue ear pig disease control


    By the afternoon of 28/2, PRRS in pigs Quang Nam has spread to 37 communes, of Que Son 7 hyen is, Nong Son, Dai Loc, Thang Binh Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen and Tien Phuoc.

    Currently spraying chemical disinfection, disinfection is being done to control blue ear pig disease in Quang Nam

    Total number of pigs up to 4428, in which the pigs die is 668, the number of culled required is 869, the number of pigs are also follow-up is 833, the quantity from the clinical symptoms is 2697 children.

    Until now, Quang Nam local level for 109,250 doses of vaccine and 9,000 liters of chemicals to force the function spray disinfection and sterilization.

    In particular, the total vaccine dose used was 80,578, the number of pigs were vaccinated 82,681 children (older children received more than one dose). Currently the district is continuing deploy enclosure epidemic.

    In the afternoon on 28/23, at Nong Son district is over 11 days without incurring additional pigs blue ear pig finally healed over 4 days; Dien Ban District over 5 days no more pigs blue ear ...

    Deputy Director of Agriculture and Rural Development in Quang Nam - he'd probably say, now, Quang Nam is implementing synchronous drastic measures to prevent and control disease in livestock, poultry , especially the blue ear disease in pigs."

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  • Ronan Kelly
    Re: Vietnam: New PRRS outbreak in Dai Loc District, Quang Nam province

    Friday, Feb 22, 2013, Posted at: 16:03(GMT+7)
    Quang Nam cries out for help of against blue ear disease in pigs
    Some 686 pigs in six districts in the central province of Quang Nam have died of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) also called blue ear disease.

    Quang Nam?s authorities are crying out for help as the rampant disease has already wiped out many herds in the province.

    The People?s Committee of Quang Nam in the central region February 21 asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to provide 100,000 vaccine dozes and 20,000 liters of chemical for blue ear prevention.


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  • Vietnam: New PRRS outbreak in Dai Loc District, Quang Nam province

    Machine translation of original page:

    February 15, 2013

    "15/2, Dai Loc District, Quang Nam People's Committee said last emergency message sent to the authorities in the district of blue ear pig disease situation.

    According to Dai Loc District People's Committee, blue ear pig disease is showing signs of growth, spread in the local B communes. DPC has asked the township, the Steering Committee for Animal Disease Prevention and Control - Poultry: Great Tan, Great Room, Daming, General, Great Win, Great saints, Chief urgently take preventive measures.

    Before that, on 12/2, after receiving information about the disease situation is happening on pigs Dai ​​Tan, Great Room, Daming, General, People H.Dai Loc has directed agencies test subjects to get samples sent for testing and the initial determination on pigs infected with blue ear pig disease signs.

    As of late afternoon 12/2, 159 pigs infected in 23 households (in 5 villages of 4).

    In the spirit of the emergency notification, People H.Dai Loc has banned the sale, transport, slaughter and pork consumption pork products in the area of the town area B (as stated), since January 14 / 2.

    Functional key blocking forces in Quang Hue (Dai Cuong and Security), Paul (Dai Feng and Hong Kong); hanging banners announced at the commune.

    In addition, local government social epidemic areas should implement disinfection measures the livestock sector, where slaughter; guide farmers spread lime in the entrance and in the stables pigs.

    Under the direction of Mr. Phan Duc The, Vice Chairman H.Dai Loc, CPCs focused on strengthening prevention steering committee, the establishment of interdisciplinary test to test, slaughter or processing pork trade during the epidemic. "