Diet Supplements May Boost Pig Immunity
Feeding pigs mannan oligosaccharides helped combat porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, a study shows.
August 23, 2011

Feeding pigs a diet with mannan oligosaccharides could help regulate the animals' immune response to diseases.

A new study at the University of Illinois suggests that feeding pigs mannan oligosaccharides, common nutritional supplements found in livestock feed, can fine-tune their immune systems.

?When it comes to keeping pigs healthy, there are some potentially powerful tools we can use in the diet besides antibiotics,? says James Pettigrew, professor of animal science at UI. ?We have a tendency to think that we can administer health through a needle, by giving pigs antibiotics, and even through systems like all-in/all-out pig flow. These are important, but there are also many health benefits we can realize through the diet.?...