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Louisiana - Officials are seeing the spread of new strain of dog flu H3N2

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  • Louisiana - Officials are seeing the spread of new strain of dog flu H3N2

    How to protect your pup from spread of dog flu
    Meg Farris, WWLTV 10:17 PM. CDT June 17, 2017

    NEW ORLEANS – Everyone knows the flu can make you miserable for many days, and it is even deadly to thousands each year. But now, officials are seeing the spread of a new strain of dog flu in Louisiana.

    “The newer one, H3N2, popped up recently in May in north Louisiana,” Louisiana SPCA Community Clinic Veterinarian Dr. Adrianna Smith said.

    Smith said veterinarians believe some dogs got infected at a dog show, possibly in Florida, then brought the flu back to Louisiana. Smith said the virus has not been seen in the New Orleans area.
    “There have been no cases of this jumping from dog to people,” Smith said. “The one concerning thing is, with this new flu, H3N2, it can go dog to cat.”

    Smith said dog owners can transmit the flu to other dogs and cats. While it won’t make people sick with typical flu symptoms, it will make a pet feel lousy.
    There is also no dog flu season, and pets can be infected at any time of the year.
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