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Equine influenza, Uruguay (OIE, April 3 2012): Unexpected increase in incidence, racehorses

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  • Equine influenza, Uruguay (OIE, April 3 2012): Unexpected increase in incidence, racehorses

    [Source: OIE, full page: (LINK). Edited.]

    Equine influenza, Uruguay

    Information received on 02/04/2012 from Doctor Carlos A. Correa Messuti, Delegado de Uruguay ante la OIE, UNIDAD DE ASUNTOS INTERNACIONALES, Dirección General de Servicios Ganaderos (DGSG) Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca (MGAP), MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay
    • Summary
      • Report type Immediate notification
      • Start date 10/03/2012
      • Date of first confirmation of the event 30/03/2012
      • Report date 02/04/2012
      • Date submitted to OIE 02/04/2012
      • Reason for notification Unexpected increase in morbidity or mortality of a listed disease
      • Summary description Unexpected and sudden increase in incidence in thoroughbred racehorses
      • Manifestation of disease Clinical disease
      • Causal agent Equine influenza virus
      • Serotype Pending
      • This event pertains to the whole country
    • Epidemiology
      • Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
        • Legal movement of animals
    • Epidemiological comments
      • Up to the date of the report, the susceptible horse population is in the neighbourhood of Maroñas (Montevideo), includes around 2,500 animals and shows an incidence of 40%.
      • Measures applied:
        • Any movement of horses out of the country towards any destination is temporarily cancelled.
          • Horses in transit towards other countries could leave if they have the health certificate required by the country of destination.
        • Competitions are temporarily cancelled in all the racetracks of the country as well as the transit of thoroughbred racehorses intended for competitions.
    • Increased Distribution
      • Disease Impact
        • Increased – Total – Species – Change
          • Incidence – MONTEVIDEO – Equidae - 1=>3
    • Control measures
      • Measures applied
        • Quarantine
        • Movement control inside the country
        • No vaccination
        • No treatment of affected animals
      • Measures to be applied
        • No other measures
    • Diagnostic test results
      • Laboratory name and type INTA-Castelar (National Agricultural Technology Institute), Institute of virology (Argentina) (Regional Reference Laboratory)
        • Tests and results: Species – Test - Test date – Result
          • Equidae - real-time PCR - 30/03/2012 – Positive
    • Future Reporting
      • The event is continuing. Weekly follow-up reports will be submitted.