Foot and mouth disease hits Mzimba as govt restricts likestock movement
March 10, 2019 Nyasa Times Reporter

Government has suspended the sale and movement of animals in some parts of Mzimba following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

Livestock movement restricted in the wake of foot and mouth disease scare

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development said the affected area is Champhira Extension Planning Area (EPA) which include the areas of Jenda, Champhira and Manyamula.

The officials said out of the 5,000 cattle tested for the foot and mouth disease, 284 tested positive.

The area has at least 80,000 cattle.

According to the Ministry, the disease was first reported at Zioni village, Champhira Extension Planning Area (EPA) on February 25 and has since spread to Jenda Trading Centre, Manyamula and Edingeni...