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Bluetongue disease kills hundreds of deer in Idaho, Washington

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  • Bluetongue disease kills hundreds of deer in Idaho, Washington


    Viral disease kills hundreds of deer in Idaho, Washington
    Associated Press 1 hr ago

    A viral disease stoked by drought has killed hundreds of deer on both sides of the Washington-Idaho border, wildlife officials say.

    The disease, known as bluetongue, has killed mostly white-tailed deer, but has also infected mule deer and one bighorn sheep in Idaho.

    Cases have been confirmed in eight Eastern Washington counties and four counties in the Clearwater region of Idaho.

    The disease will continue until a hard frost kills the gnats that carry it, Washington's state wildlife veterinarian, Kristin Mansfield, told the Spokesman Review...

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    Up to 1,000 Idaho deer dead from bluetongue outbreak
    By Roger Phillips Idaho Fish and Game 2 hrs ago

    Based on continuing reports of dead deer, Idaho Fish and Game officials estimate up to 1,000 whitetails have died in the state from an outbreak of bluetongue, a virus transmitted by gnats that is similar to Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, also known as EHD. It is difficult to get the exact number of diseased or dead animals, but the outbreak is not expected to significantly reduce whitetail populations, or affect hunting season that opens Oct. 10...

    ...The disease has hit whitetail herds in the Grangeville, Whitebird, Harpster, Juliaetta, Kendrick, Troy, Deary and nearby areas this summer...