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Saudi Arabia - Outbreak of bluetongue and septicemia in sheep and cows in Mecca, Taif, Jeddah

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  • Saudi Arabia - Outbreak of bluetongue and septicemia in sheep and cows in Mecca, Taif, Jeddah

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    The spread of bacteria ?bluetongue? and ?septicemia? in livestock markets by 30 percent
    July 28, 2012 13:34 Last updated: 28 Jul 2012 13:34

    Observed ?life? in a field trip within the livestock market in Jeddah, the spread of two diseases Pkterrien are known as ?septicemia intestinal? and ?bluetongue? among some sheep and cows during the month of Ramadan, amid assurances veterinarians that the rate of spread of diseases within the markets of the province amounted to 30 per percent.

    The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Assistant for Animal Resources Dr. Khaled Fuhaid ?life? and his ministry plans to take preventive action to combat diseases and reduce the spread of using the method of isolation of infected animals.

    He explained that Fuhaid bluetongue disease has not been proven clinically diagnosed several years ago but that in the case of a suspected injury of one of the cattle disease is isolated away from other animals.

    He said that the intestinal disease is a poisoning of endemic diseases, and keep track of the ministry through the agricultural district and its subsidiaries plan routine immunization against this disease and the provision of veterinary vaccines.

    And cause disease ?enteric septicemia?, which affects sheep in the spread of toxins inside the intestines of cattle leads to adverse health consequences for the consumer, with infected sheep and cattle disease, bluetongue by insects, as the proportion of infected cows compared to a few sheep.

    The disease is transmitted ?bluetongue? to sheep and cattle of a specific type of insect known as blood-sucking mosquitoes, and is not transmitted by direct contact, and the mortality rate when making a few vaccinations and early detection of diseases.

    For his part, between the veterinarian, Dr. Hossam Abdalhafez ?life? that the rate of spread of diseases among sheep these days is estimated at 60 percent in the cities of Mecca and Taif, and by 30 percent in Jeddah, especially sheep imported from Sudan.