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New Threat To Bees Worldwide - Moku virus

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  • New Threat To Bees Worldwide - Moku virus


    New Threat To Bees Worldwide
    By Eurasia Review November 3, 2016

    A recent study published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports highlights a newly identified virus ? named Moku after the Hawaiian Island from which it was isolated ? in the invasive wasp, Vespula pensylvanica. The research also warns that transmission of these kinds of viruses, especially from invasive species which can spread viruses to new locations, is a threat to pollinator health worldwide.

    Particularly under threat are honey bees, which are as vital to our food systems as the crops they pollinate, and which are prone to a range of emergent diseases including Moku and Deformed wing virus (DWV).

    The Moku virus was identified through a collaboration of institutes with complementary expertise...