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Spain: Confirmed an outbreak of sheep and goat pox in Granada

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  • Spain: Confirmed an outbreak of sheep and goat pox in Granada


    Confirmed an outbreak of sheep and goat pox in Granada
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    Sep 20, 2022 |

    An outbreak of Sheep and Goat Pox (VOC) has been officially reported in a breeding sheep farm with a census of 314 sheep and 11 goats, located in the municipality of Benamaurel, in the province of Granada (see map). The suspicion arose from the appearance and communication of clinical signs and lesions compatible with the disease to the OVS of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a on September 14. The OVS went to the farm, detecting 50 clinically affected sheep (30 dead), in which the corresponding official samples were taken for analysis at the Central Veterinary Laboratory (LCV) of the MAPA in Algete (Madrid), National Laboratory of Reference for the disease in Spain. The samples have been confirmed as positive by PCR-RT and sequencing for sheeppox virus.

    The control measures contemplated in Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/687 of the Commission have been adopted immediately, which completes Regulation (EU) 2016/429 of the European Parliament and of the Council in relation to the standards related to the prevention and control of certain diseases on the list, and which includes the slaughter of animals, disposal of carcasses in the processing plant, official cleaning and disinfection of the farm, establishment of a 3km protection zone and a surveillance of 10 km, with reinforcement of biosecurity and surveillance measures on farms, as well as the application of measures to restrict the movement of animals and products and epidemiological investigation to try to identify the origin of the virus, still under study, as well as possible risk contacts that may have occurred, among others. In a radius of 10 kilometers around the affected farm, a total restriction of movements has been decreed, which affects some 80 sheep-goat farms, 14 of them with milk deliveries. The administration is going to control the farms that are in those 10 km.

    The outbreak has been communicated to the European Commission through ADIS, who will proceed to the immediate approval of an ad hoc Regulation with the delimitation of the protection and surveillance zone around the declared outbreak and the safeguard measures to be adopted.

    VOC is a disease of viral origin that was considered eradicated in Spain since 1968, although sporadic cases had been detected within the EU, the last ones in Greece and Bulgaria in 2014. It also remains endemic in Africa (including countries in the north of the continent, such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), as well as in the Middle East and Asia.

    It is a non-zoonotic disease that exclusively affects sheep and goats, and in no case can it be transmitted to humans, either by direct contact with animals or through their products.

    The importance of applying adequate biosecurity measures in sheep and goat farms as well as in animal transport is recalled throughout the national territory.

    Likewise, the great importance of guaranteeing the proper functioning of the passive surveillance systems to detect early the possible entry of the disease in other farms is recalled, for which it is vital that any indication of the disease is communicated to the SVO. could appear in sheep and goat farms in the country.

    The delegations of Agriculture can consult the farms that have had movements towards the affected farm. All information related to the disease, including the characteristic signs, can be found at the following link: