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South Korea: 2021- 2022 African Swine Fever outbreaks

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  • South Korea: 2021- 2022 African Swine Fever outbreaks


    6 additional ASF-infected wild boars found in Gangwon-do
    Enter reporter's name Gu Bon-ho 2021.01.18 Comments

    According to the Ministry of Environment's National Academy of Environmental Sciences, two wild boar dead bodies were found in a hill in Owol-ri, Seomyeon, Chuncheon-si on the 15th at around 9:30 am on the same day. One wild boar was discovered. On the 14th, residents in Dumu-ri, Nam-myeon, Yanggu, reported the dead body of a wild boar. As a result of the inspection of the specimens by the quarantine authorities, all were confirmed as ASF at around 6 pm on the 17th. All were buried. In addition, clinical and detailed tests will be conducted on 9 farms (7 in Hwacheon, 1 in Chuncheon, and 1 in Yanggu) within the quarantine zone (10 km). As a result, a total of 501 confirmed cases of ASF in Tokyo (Hwacheon 348 cases, Inje 42 cases, Yanggu 36 cases, Cheorwon 34 cases, Chuncheon 27 cases, Yeongwol 8 cases, Goseong 4 cases, Yangyang 2 cases).

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    Eight additional ASF-infected wild boars found in Gangwon-do
    Reporter Lee Seung-eun Input 2021.02.19 Comment 0

    According to Gangwon-do on the 19th, a search team from the Ministry of Environment found three dead wild boars in the hills of Suin-ri, Yanggu-eup, Yanggu-gun and Dumuri-ri, Nam-myeon on the 16th to 17th, and as a result of conducting a specimen examination, they were diagnosed with ASF on the 18th. Also, a search team found three wild boars infected with ASF. In Damok-ri, Sangseo-myeon, Hwacheon-gun and Yasan, Dongchon-ri, Hwacheon-eup, nearby residents found and reported 1 each of the dead wild boars on the 16th, and the quarantine authorities tested positive for ASF on the 18th. It was confirmed that it came out.

    There were 10 farmhouses within 10 km of the quarantine zone at the point (4 in Hwacheon, 3 in Chuncheon, 2 in Cheorwon, and 1 in Yanggu), and fell by 9.6 km from at least 7.2 km from the point of occurrence. There were no specific matters as a result of the quarantine. The quarantine authorities plan to conduct clinical and detailed inspections on the farms in the future, and designate exclusive disinfection vehicles such as the area of ​​detection points and farms to perform extensive disinfection.

    Meanwhile, the number of wild boar ASF outbreaks in the province increased to 588 (360 Hwacheon, 77 Chuncheon, 56 Inje, 40 Yanggu, 35 Cheolwon, 8 Yeongwol, 7 Yangyang, 4 Goseong, and 1 Gangneung). Lee Seung-eun


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      Four dead wild boars infected with ASF in Chuncheon and Hwacheon were found... 709 cases accumulated
      Article Registration :2021-03-29 09:00

      According to the provincial quarantine authorities on the 29th, it was confirmed that four wild boars found in Owol-ri, Seomyeon, Chuncheon-si and Daei-ri, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun, were infected with the ASF virus on the 26th.

      In the quarantine zone (10 km) near the dead wild boar bodies found in these areas, 7408 pig farms were found to be rearing.

      The quarantine authorities prohibit visiting farms within 10 km of nearby quarantine zones where wild boars infected with ASF were found. The number of ASF-infected wild boar mortality in Tokyo was totaled 709 cases.

      Currently, the number of ASF-infected wild boars by region in Gangwon-do is 115 in Chuncheon, 2 in Gangneung, 10 in Yeongwol, 35 in Cheorwon, 405 in Hwacheon, 66 in Yanggu, 64 in Inje, 4 in Goseong, and 8 in Yangyang...


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        Hwacheon, the largest number of ASF nationwide, emergency cut off in the spread of the whole country
        Reporter Lee Soo-young input 2021.04.05 407 positive individuals in 5 towns and cities
        Military, residents and climbers request to refrain from entering the mountain

        The spread of ASF (African swine fever) in the border area, Hwacheon area, is not declining, and an emergency has been taken to block and quarantine.

        According to Hwacheon-gun, there have been 2482 wild boars captured or found dead in the region since last year, of which 407 were found to be benign. The number of confirmed positive individuals was more than Yeoncheon-gun (382) and Paju-si (98). It is the largest in many countries. Even on the 31st of last month, a female wild boar found in Pungsan-ri, Hwacheon-eup was found to be positive for ASF on the 1st, showing no signs of calming down.

        In particular, ASF is straining the quarantine authorities even more in that it occurs throughout the Hwacheon area. ,Sanae-myeon (Damok-ri, Myeongwol-ri), etc.

        The concerns of local pig farms are also great. Farmers said, "As the COVID-19 situation has prolonged, interest and awareness of ASF seems to have decreased." I hope it will not be repeated.?

        The military is paying attention to the possibility of ASF transmission by humans and vehicles, such as search teams, as well as birds and other wild animals around dead bodies. In addition, while requesting the residents and climbers to refrain from entering the mountain, trapping wild boars caught in the spawning season is being noted. They are working hard to reinforce them.

        A military official said, ?Pig farms are still experiencing great pain,? and ?As dead wild boars are found everywhere, we advise you to refrain from entering the mountain.?


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          [Newsmaker] African swine fever returns after 7 months of silence
          By Ko Jun-tae
          Published : May 6, 2021 - 14:31
          Updated : May 6, 2021 - 17:50

          African swine fever has returned to South Korean farms after seven months, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said Wednesday, after it confirmed two cases at a farm of 401 pigs in Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon Province. All domesticated pigs at the farm were culled immediately.

          A total of 11 African swine fever cases have been discovered from wild boars in Yeongwol-gun since the outbreak started in 2019. The pig farm is just 1.2 kilometers away from where the last case in the county was discovered in a wild boar.

          The ministry said officials imposed a 48-hour standstill order until 11 a.m. Friday on livestock-related facilities in Gangwon Province, Gyeonggi Province and North Chungcheong Province, the three main provinces where cases have been discovered...


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            S. Korea reports no additional ASF cases since Sunday
            All News 14:39 August 10, 2021
            By Kang Yoon-seung

            SEJONG, Aug. 10 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's agricultural ministry said Tuesday no additional case of African swine fever (ASF) has been found in the country since Sunday when a pig farm reported the first infection of the animal disease in three months.

            The pig farm in Goseong, 466 kilometers northeast of Seoul, reported the outbreak on Sunday...


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              ASF outbreak at Inje pig farm in Gangwon-do in 8 days… I went to the scene
              Input: 2021-08-16 18:26 Edit: 2021-08-16 22:31

              A quarantine officer blocks entry at the entrance to a pig farm in Garisan-ri, Inje-eup, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, where African swine fever (ASF) occurred on the 16th.

              The entrance to a pig farm in Garisan-ri, Inje-eup, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, on the afternoon of the 16th. The farm, which raises 1,700 pigs, was confirmed with African swine fever (ASF) on the same day.

              Just 8 days after the outbreak of ASF at a pig farm in Haeseong-ri, Ganseong-eup, Goseong-gun, about 70km away, the atmosphere at the site was really cold when a pig was confirmed to be ASF confirmed again.

              As in the case of the last confirmation of the Goseong pig farm, a temporary stop order (Standstill) was not issued in the province, but there were hardly any passers-by or general vehicles going to and from the village. It was clear how seriously the community took this ASF recurrence.

              At the access control post installed at the entrance to the pig farm, quarantine officials wearing sky blue protective suits and masks, with only their eyes exposed, meticulously checked the vehicles and personnel entering the farm.

              When the reporter stopped the car and looked over the post, he said, "What's going on? You mustn't come in here," an employee of the Livestock Sanitation and Prevention Support Headquarters issued a disapproval. He couldn't get any closer to the bloody tension. On the roads near the village, vehicles mobilized for quarantine were seen busily going back and forth with their emergency lights turned on and spraying liquid.

              The pigs in the pig farm were confirmed with ASF on the afternoon of the 16th. As a result of a close inspection conducted by the quarantine authorities on farms that are epidemiologically related to the Goseong outbreak, it is known that the ASF virus was detected in two sow samples.

              Due to the unexpected ASF outbreak, nearby residents were greatly shaken. One resident said, "(The pig farms) were more enthusiastic about quarantine than anyone else, but it's unfortunate that this happened." Another resident said, “It is true that the ASF virus has been continuously detected in the carcasses of wild boars found in the building, so it is true that there is no second or third damage.”

              Gangwon-do dispatched six people, including animal quarantine and control officers, to the farmhouse and issued an order to kill them. In addition, we are actively blocking the spread by installing additional quarantine posts in the area and mobilizing all available disinfection vehicles.

              There are no pig farms within 3km of the farm where the outbreak occurred, but one farm within a radius of 10km is raising about 2,000 pigs, increasing anxiety.

              A provincial quarantine official said, “With the recent surge in wild boars, the risk of ASF outbreak has risen significantly. Please join us in observing the quarantine rules.”

              Inje = Reporter Yunho Kim


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                ASF-infected wild boars found in Jeongseon and Pyeongchang
                News 1 input 2021.10.26 09:49 Edit 2021.10.26 09:49

                ASF-infected wild boars were found one after another in Jeongseon and Pyeongchang. Gangwon ASF wild boar outbreak status (provided by Gangwon-do) 2021.10.26/News 1

                (Gangwon = News 1) Reporter Lee Jong-jae = Wild boars infected with African swine fever (ASF) were found one after another in Jeongseon and Pyeongchang, Gangwon.

                According to the quarantine authorities of Gangwon-do on the 26th, carcasses of wild boar infected with the ASF virus were found outside the wide area fence in Hwaam-ri, Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon, on the 22nd and 23rd.

                This was recorded as the 22nd and 23rd ASF wild boar infection cases in Jeongseon.

                On the 22nd, an ASF-infected wild boar (the 23rd in Pyeongchang) was also found in a hillside in Suhyang-ri, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun.

                A pig farm was found to be raising 4,200 pigs at a distance of 8.2 km from the discovery point.

                In response, the quarantine authorities are notifying related organizations and pig farms of the detection of wild boar ASF, while promoting clinical and detailed inspections on one farm with the quarantine team.

                With this, the total number of ASF infections in wild boars in the province has risen to 1009.


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                    Another ASF in Danyang Wild Boar... Chungbuk 21st discovery
                    Chungbuk CBS Reporter Park Hyun-ho send a mail
                    2021-12-06 11:35

                    Wild boars suffering from African swine fever (ASF) are continuously being discovered in North Chungcheong Province.

                    According to Chungcheongbuk-do on the 6th, the ASF test result of a carcass of a wild boar found in Yeongchun-myeon, Danyang-gun the day before was confirmed to be positive.

                    This area is adjacent to Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, where wild boars have been frequently infected with ASF in recent years.

                    It is 28 km away from Danseong-myeon, Danyang-gun, where 15 dead bodies have been confirmed since the first outbreak in the province on the 19th.

                    Fortunately, it is reported that there are no pig farms raising domestic pigs near the point of occurrence.

                    With this, the number of confirmed ASFs in the province since this fall has increased to 21 (5 cases in Jecheon and 16 cases in Danyang).

                    In particular, an additional wild boar has been found each in Daejam-ri, Danseong-myeon, and Daecheon-ri, Eosangcheon-myeon, Danyang, and testing is ongoing.

                    The livestock quarantine authorities are strengthening joint private, private, and military searches to remove pollutants around the outbreak site, while putting all their efforts into blocking and quarantine by installing a fence within a 3km radius of the outbreak site.

                    An official from North Chungcheong Province said, "As we are strengthening the search to remove pollutants around the outbreak site, there is a possibility that the number of ASF-infected carcasses may increase further for the time being. Please be sure to report it.”


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                        Immediate notification
                        African swine fever virus (Inf. with) , Korea (Rep. of)


                        General Information

                        COUNTRY OR ZONE

                        African swine fever virus (Inf. with)

                        STARTED ON

                        ANIMAL TYPE

                        CONFIRMED ON

                        First occurrence in the country

                        CAUSAL AGENT
                        African swine fever virus

                        ENDED ON

                        DISEASE CATEGORY

                        REPORTED ON

                        LAST OCCURRENCE


                        - Unknown or inconclusive

                        EPIDEMIOLOGICAL COMMENTS
                        Due to technical reasons affecting the African swine fever event initially reported in 2019 (event reference: 31778), any new African swine fever outbreak detected in the Republic of Korea will be reported under this new event from now on.

                        Wild boar (Sus scrofa):Suidae-Artiodactyla NEW - 705 609 96 0 0 - -
                        TOTAL - 705 609 96 0 0 - -
                        - NEW - 705 609 96 0 0 - -
                        TOTAL - 705 609 96 0 0


                        ob_98409 - Boeun-gun

                        ob_98408 - Danyang-gun

                        ob_98407 - Uljin-gun

                        ob_98406 - Sangju-si

                        ob_98405 - Mungyeong-si

                        ob_98404 - Pocheon-si

                        ob_98403 - Yeoncheon-gun

                        ob_98401 - Gapyeong-gun

                        ob_98412 - Chungju-si

                        ob_98388 - Yanggu-gun

                        ob_98399 - Hongcheon-gun

                        ob_98400 - Hoengseong-gun

                        ob_98411 - Jecheon-si

                        ob_98389 - Yangyang-gun

                        ob_98386 - Donghae-si

                        ob_98397 - Pyeongchang-gun

                        ob_98387 - Samcheok-si

                        ob_98384 - Jeongseon-gun

                        ob_98385 - Goseong-gun

                        ob_98396 - Chuncheon-si

                        ob_98382 - Gangneung-si

                        ob_98383 - Yeongwol-gun

                        ob_98394 - Inje-gun

                        ob_98392 - Wonju-si

                        "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                        -Nelson Mandela


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