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African Swine Fever takes its toll again on N. Korea’s pigs

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  • African Swine Fever takes its toll again on N. Korea’s pigs


    African Swine Fever takes its toll again on N. Korea’s pigs
    Around 550 wild pigs have already been found to be infected with the virus around the inter-Korean border
    By Mun Dong Hui -
    2020.05.06 9:15am

    African Swine Fever (ASF) has once again spread in some parts of North Korea, Daily NK has learned.

    “Livestock disease prevention authorities are on high alert as the disease is once again spreading throughout the country,” a South Pyongan-based source told Daily NK on May 4.

    “The situation is especially serious in North Hwanghae Province and North and South Pyongan provinces,” the source said.

    “The disease is affecting pig populations on collective farms along with those owned by private individuals. The fatality rate of the disease has almost reached one hundred percent, leaving barely any pigs left,” the source added.

    Pigs who have caught ASF are suffering from miscarriages, which has made it difficult for breeders to acquire piglets. Miscarriages are one of the major symptoms of pigs infected with ASF...

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    African Swine Fever strikes pigs at N. Korean livestock farm

    North Korean authorities have called on the country’s livestock farms to strengthen their disease control measures to prevent further outbreaks
    By Jong So Yong -
    2020.05.14 3:21pm

    The mass death of livestock at a farm in North Korea’s Kangwon Province has led government officials to take urgent action to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) and other contagious livestock-related diseases, Daily NK has learned.

    “In late April, mass numbers of livestock died after an outbreak of ASF and other diseases among livestock in a farm complex in Sepo County. State authorities are taking countermeasures to combat the spread of the diseases,” a Kangwon Province-based source told Daily NK on Tuesday.

    From late April to May 1, some 6,000 ducks, geese, pigs, goats and sheep have reportedly died at the complex. The mass deaths were reported to the North Korean government.

    “The government ordered that the dead livestock be cremated or ‘buried alive,’ and also dispatched a unit to investigate,” the source said. “The investigators concluded that due to negligent preventive measures against infection, there were issues ranging from food contamination to poor hygiene in livestock pens.”

    In response to ASF, avian influenza (AI) and other contagious livestock diseases, North Korea has consistently pursued policies that emphasize livestock-related measures promoted by the country’s communist party. ..


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      OIE: African Swine Fever Outbreak in N. Korea Continuing
      Write: 2020-10-17 14:13:06 / Update: 2020-10-17 14:18:19

      The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) says an outbreak of African swine fever is continuing in North Korea.

      According to the latest report, the North is one of 25 Asian countries where the outbreak status is indicated as "continuing."

      But the world body said North Korea has not reported any additional cases after a May report of a swine fever case confirmed at a farm in Usi County in Chagang Province.

      An official from the OIE told Radio Free Asia that it has urged North Korean authorities to observe the obligation on reporting animal diseases, citing the importance of transparency...