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Morocco - Mass death of seagulls

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  • Morocco - Mass death of seagulls


    Machine translated;

    Strange deaths of seagulls converts beaches mite to the mass grave
    Sakina bin Zeinpublished in Moroccan events on 12 - 11 - 2012

    From the beaches of Tifnit Bahattuch Ait Baha to the shores of Mir turnips and Alkzarh and Sidi Ifni tragedy and one awesome repeated every day for nearly 15 days, wherever and I wish your back find seagulls dead, landing on the side of the sea and over the rocks exhausted, and soon deposited lower in silence without knowing the reasons that made ​​her spend a love such numbers during these days.
    Some consonants Btfnat confirmed that the phenomenon of dying seagulls in such times of the year, a scene repeated every year, some people think that hunters may be revenge of this bird that feeds on fish and bothered with their catch.
    However, the scene Geoff dead birds scattered through this year along kilometers of beach Tifnit Bahattuch Ait Baha to ACLU Beach Tiznit through Sir adequate and beach Miralfatt Alkzarh the Sidi Ifni beach makes this hypothesis does not stand in front of Hall of environmental disaster. A fishermen Sidi adequate ruled out poisoning case or revenge of the bird, and it seemed versa upset of a beach scene and what may result from its current status of desertion for tourists fear for their spirit and their children from possible contagion.
    Beach appalled tourists is this phenomenon, and considered it sad, and do research by specialists to know the reasons for this mass mortality of beautiful bird gull must be off. The one fishermen beach sir adequate for «Moroccan Events» that this bird "their friend in the fishing trip and can not even think of harming him and expose his life to danger," and stressed contrast to the situation "if it continues to have lead to the extinction of this bird, and the spread of odors unpleasant and سيرافقها illnesses due to the scattering of the remains of dead birds. "
    Professionals linked their daily beach Mir turnips and the island demanded when meeting their actors in charge of Environment in the person of the Ministry of Health, and Agriculture and Fisheries and the regional authorities to intervene first to diagnose the situation, to know the causes and consequences of human and environmental media extended on the shores Ohattuch Tiznit down to Sidi Ifni . In an attempt to understand what is going on we can not take the point of view of officials, especially that these professionals beaches recall that any party did not move to find out what's going on.
    Nawras bird grows bathroom shortly, and يقاربه in the likeness, characterized him beak yellow huge, live beaches, and areas where water collects, and feeds on eating fish, and bird eggs other chicks young, also handing their babies the same meals eaten by after turning it into a fish or minced meat beak. Make أعشاشه of sea grasses and weeds, and the female lays eggs to three, in the nest preferably hosted Balqbbat and abandoned historic buildings adjacent to the sea, or dense trees near the water.
    Idris al-Najjar
    Nsoar: Ibrahim Fadel
    Twitter: @RonanKelly13
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