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South Africa: Video - President Cyril Ramaphosa says there are now 276,242 confirmed Covid-19 cases

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  • South Africa: Video - President Cyril Ramaphosa says there are now 276,242 confirmed Covid-19 cases

    BREAKING: Curfew will take effect from Monday from 9pm to 4am apart from those who travel to work and who are seeking medical assistance. The sale, dispensing and distribution of alcohol will be suspended with immediate effect. Resumption of alcohol sales has resulted in substantial pressure on hospitals.The country will remain at Level Three at this stage but "we should strengthen the enforcement of existing regulations and take certain additional measures." This means that the wearing of masks will be enforced. Mini-bus taxis on long trips must be at 70% capacity. On short trips they are allowed 100% but must follow protocols on open windows, masks and sanitation. Parks are open for exercise but not for gatherings.

    President addresses the nation. A quarter of total deaths were in the last week. There are over 12 000 new cases every day.

    President: “The storm is upon us”.

    And yet, people are organising parties and attending funerals in large numbers.

    Some people complain they don’t have cloth masks but surely that is not difficult to get?

    President says there is now evidence that the virus can "hang around" in poorly ventilated places. "We must minimise the number of people sharing the same space...."

    Ramaphosa says the fatality rate in South Africa remains the lowest, compared to the world.

    "We have procured ventilators, personal protective gear and recruited additional nurses and doctors - we have a shortfall of 12 000 health workers"

    :Projections predict that 40–50 000 people could die but we must prove them wrong by doing our bit - even a t-shirt can cover your nose and mouth.

    "I've been extremely proud to hear that medical students are volunteering at hospitals and clinics. I commend them for their unwavering patriotism and their commitment to public service."

    "This moment of crisis in our country requires that we mobilise society on a massive scale. Working with religious leaders, traditional leaders, unions, civil society to spread the message."

    Here is a video link:
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