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Zambia: Swine flu breaks out in Serenje

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  • Zambia: Swine flu breaks out in Serenje

    THE fatal and potent influenza H1N1 commonly known as swine flu has broken out in Serenje District in Central Province with 328 cases recorded in one week.

    Health minister Dr Joseph Kasonde said during a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that there had been no fatalities recorded and that two people were currently receiving treatment.

    Dr Kasonde said there was a possibility of the disease spreading to other areas.
    "This particular form of Influenza which is called H1N1 is a more severe form than the usual type which we are used to and which we annually experience in the country. This particular one is a more severe form and in some countries some mortality has been reported," he said.

    "I thought that I should make it clear that to all our knowledge, this is a restricted episode, restricted geographically to Serenje and all our search across the country does not reveal any other affected area," Dr Kasonde said.

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    Re: Zambia: Swine flu breaks out in Serenje

    Xinhua website Lusaka, March 7 (by Mu Dong) reporter learned from the Zambian medical department on the 7th, A sudden Type A H1N1 flu pandemic started in the Midlands Province spread, has killed at least them. The most recent data of Zambian medical department showed that discovers the doubtful Type A H1N1 flu case in Midlands Province Serenje and Mumbwa area, The viral infected people and suspected case quantities in two areas are over 600 people. Midlands Province Health department official Abe said during the interview, At present the epidemic situation in fast is spreading to surrounding areas, the Zambian medical departments and regional medical departments are taking the urgent prevention and control measure. He said that this epidemic situation is possibly related in the rainy season bitter experience arid burning hot unusual weather with the local area. Type A H1N1 flu virus from 2009 to 2010 was once popular in the world, at present transformed in some areas into the seasonal flu virus, It is swine flu and bird flu and other flu viruses \"hybrid\" product.


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      Re: Zambia: Swine flu breaks out in Serenje

      Swine Flu Claims 3 in Serenje
      Published March 7, 2013 By Peter Adamu
      Three people have died in Serenje district of Central Province after failing to respond to H1N1 influenza also known as Swine Flu.

      Sources at Serenje district hospital disclosed two people died Wednesday from the epidemic while another patient who was receiving treatment died Thursday.

      The source also said over 1,400 swine flu cases had been recorded and that hundreds were admitted and being treated of influenza H1N1.
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        Re: Zambia: Swine flu breaks out in Serenje

        Serenje records 54 new cases of swine flu
        "Wed 20 Mar. 2013

        FIFTY-FOUR new cases of swine flu have been recorded in the last two weeks in Serenje District, with over 2,000 people diagnosed with the disease.

        And the number of Influenza H1N1 (swine flu) cases in Mumbwa district has reduced to 648 from 725.

        In an interview yesterday, Ministry of Health spokesperson Dr Kamoto Mbewe said the cumulative number of both inpatients and outpatients in Serenje district alone had risen to over 2000.

        "As of today (yesterday) we have about 10 children under the age of five, and 44 people above the age of five who are currently receiving treatment in Serenje. Serenje has not recorded any deaths so far," he said.

        For Mumbwa district, Dr Mbewe said, the hospital recorded four new admissions while 19 old cases were under treatment and still hospitalised, and another 12 were being treated as outpatients...".
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