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Uganda: 1300 Uganda Muslims tested for H1N1 for Hajj

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  • Uganda: 1300 Uganda Muslims tested for H1N1 for Hajj

    By Walakira Nyanzi, Ultimate Media

    A total of 1,300 Muslims from Uganda who went to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to participate in the annual Hajji pilgrimage have been tested for H1N1 commonly known as swine flu

    The swine flu tests were conducted on Ugandans by a Ugandan medical doctor, Edris Musisi. Saudi Arabia will pay Musisi for the service through the Uganda Haj Mission.

    Haj is the fifth pillar of Islam, which must be performed by all Muslims at least once in their life time. It is carried in the 12th months of the Islamic calendar.

    The 1,300 Ugandan pilgrims left for Saudi Arabia on Friday last week. The Mufti of Uganda based at Kibuli, Sheikh Zubair Kayongo bid farewell to the pilgrims.

    Kayongo asked the pilgrims to pray for the protection of the Muslim properties, Buganda kingdom and the country in general.

    Sheikh Kayongo accuses the official Mufti of Uganda based at Old Kampala, Sheikh Zubair Kayongo of illegally selling Muslim properties.

    Dr. Musisi the person in charge of the welfare of the pilgrims says all Ugandans attending this year’s Haj are in good condition.