Uganda People News: Ngora Siamese twins die at Mulago hospital

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The conjoined twins from Ngora district who were admitted at Mulago Hospital have died. The twins who were born prematurely were just about to make 9 months and weighing about 3 1/2 kg each.

According to the Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Doreen Birabwa, one of the twins contracted flu by Sunday evening and spread it to the other sibling. Dr. Birabwa says they were coughing and struggling for breath, prompting the doctors to put them on oxygen. However, their condition worsened and later succumbed to death last night.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the two shared the heart and liver and the hospital management said their parents had not yet requested for their separation. The twins who were born to Agnes Ayaiti and Patrick Ojangole were required to make 12 kg before they could be separated.