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Tunisia: 25 deaths since the beginning of the year from H1N1 flu - 30 total

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  • Tunisia: 25 deaths since the beginning of the year from H1N1 flu - 30 total

    A man died, on Sunday, in Regueb, gouvernorat of Sidi Bouzid. The doctors suspect a decease following a porcine influenza.

    The ongoing analyses should confirm or preempt these doubts but the doctors discerned, at the deceased, symptoms of the virus H1N1, responsible for porcine influenza.

    They will say that the Ministry of Health pointed out in a press release, last Tuesday, that a Tunisian died in January and 2 others in this March, having contracted the virus H1N1.

    The press release also specified importance to conform to preventive measures not to contact influenza A, notably by having a good hygiene of life.

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    6 deceases owed to the virus H1N1 since January, 2016

    Six deceases were owed to the influenzal virus A One of (H1N1), more known under the name of porcine influenza, have taken a census since January, 2016, against 8 cases recorded the last year.
    Souad Bekri, a representative in the Ministry of Health declared to the agency TAP, that precautionary vaccine against seasonal influenza, allows to avoid contracting several types of influenza the virus of which A .Elle (H1N1) called the population to make vaccine to avoid the spread of the virus and reduce the number of deceases linked to these types of influenza, stressing the most vulnerable persons (old persons, attained patients of chronic diseases and the children having between 4 and 6 months).


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      An infant of Zarzis dies from porcine influenza

      Analyses made on the infant transported as a matter of urgency, yesterday, by Zarzis, gouvernorat of Medenine, towards a hospital in Tunis, confirmed its decease by porcine influenza.

      Taïeb Challouf, regional manager of Health in Médenine, confirmed this information to our colleagues of Radio Tataouine, adding that 4 adults attained by the virus H1N1 are under treatment in the hospitals of the region nowadays and their life is not in danger.
      One took a census of a lot of cases in all Mediterranean basin and not only in Tunisia, specified Mr Challouf, by calling the persons attained to consult the doctor fast to accept necessary care.


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        Ministry of health: death of 7 people after having contracted the H1N1 virus

        The Ministry of public health, said in a communiqué published this Friday, March 25, 2016, that within the framework of the follow-up to the seasonal flu epidemic, 10 deaths have been registered, of which seven related to the H1N1 virus.


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          A man of 40 and killed by the virus H1N1

          An elderly man of 40 and attained by the virus H1N1 died having been hospitalized during 12 days. It is about the second event of death caused by the virus H1N1, in week, brought back radio Shems Fm naming local sources.

          They say that the Ministry of Health had announced the decease of 7 persons attained by the influenza caused by the viris H1N1 lately.

          To read aussiTunisie Viruses H1N1-: seven recorded events of death

          Decease in Sidi Bouzid of an individual suspected of having contracted porcine influenza

          A family of Sidi Bouzid accuses the hospital of medical negligence after the decease of their son

          Tunisia records the first decease in Corona Virus

          3 deceases owed to the virus of western Nile recorded in Gabès, Jendouba and Kebili


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            Baby dies from H1N1 in Monastir university hospital

            MONASTIR, (TAP) - An eight-month baby has died from H1N1 virus in the Monastir university hospital on Monday, paediatrician at the hospital Slaheddine Chouchane told TAP. “Analyses made at Charles Nicolle hospital showed the H1N1 virus is the cause of the death,” he added.
            The baby was suffering respiratory failure when he arrived at the hospital, the same source added.



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              Influenza in Tunisia: 16 deceases owed in H1N1 and 4 to H3N2

              Since the beginning of the year, Tunisia recorded 16 deceases further to the porcine influenza, caused by the virus H1N1, and 4 others of influenza A, the owed to the virus H3N2.

              It is what pointed out on SHEMS FM, today, Nissaf Ben Alaya, spokeswoman of the national Observatory of new and emergent diseases (ONMNE), adding that these deceases are mentioned in a report which was published on the April 1st, 2016.

              ONMNE was however meant to be reassuring, adding that the effects of this virus are going to become blurred during month to come up to its disappearing.

              Let us note that the Observatory took a census of 26 cases of H1N1 and 26 H3N2, in 3 months.

              The best means to protect itself against the virus is to undertake the regular washing of hands and avoid contact with the » ill persons, pointed out Mrs Alaya, saying that the persons attained by an influenza fast have to consult a doctor, to know if it is about H1N1 and in which case to take the necessary health measures.



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                30 deaths following infection with seasonal influenza including 24 of the H1N1 virus

                The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday night that her communication was until 06 April 2016 recorded 30 deaths following infection with seasonal influenza including 24 of the H1N1 virus, known as swine flu, note that this virus in Tunisia within the virus causing seasonal influenza since 2009. Ministry stressed the importance of taking preventive measures needed to reduce infection of :--Wash your hands with SOAP and water several times a day.-motor homes down for half an hour a day at least.-use a handkerchief when you cough and sneeze condoms.-avoid approaching people with symptoms of the disease. the Ministry of Health confirmed that the Committee of experts has been conducting accurate and continuous follow-up of national and international developments, in particular the neighbouring countries, the Committee considers the present situation corresponds to expectations and not a cause for concern, especially because the season was nearing its end.



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                  H1N1: Tunisia recorded the 25th death in 4 months

                  The 46-year-old from Menzel Bouzelfa governorate of Nabeul in Nabeul was hospitalized before being transferred,

                  Last Monday, the Arina where he passed away, Thursday, April 14, 2016.

                  This is the 25th case of death recorded in Tunisia since January 2016, following the swine flu.

                  The Ministry of Health reminded, April 7, as to guard against the flu, it is necessary to regular hand washing and avoiding contact with sick people.

                  People with flu symptoms are also invited to seek prompt medical attention.