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Tunisia: Flu kills 8, including two pregnant women (Ministry of Health)

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  • Tunisia: Flu kills 8, including two pregnant women (Ministry of Health)

    TUNIS (TAP) - Eight persons died of influenza this season, including two pregnant nurses working at the RegionalHospital of Gabes, the Ministry of Public Health said in a statement released Saturday.

    Most of the victims were exposed people due to a lack of immunity, specified the statement.

    The number of persons hit by the virus in the country has increased significantly from the third week of January, adds the ministry.

    According to the same source, the influenza virus has been detected in 101 cases out of 399 samples, including 36 of the type H1N1, 9 H3N2, 54 type B as well as two samples type A whose strain has not been identified yet.

    "The situation remains similar to the one prevailing in neighbour countries, including particularly France," said the Ministry of Health which, however, warns against the risk of infection by the A (H1N1) virus in people whose immunity is reduced, especially those with chronic diseases or obesity and among pregnant women.

    "Between 10 and 40 deaths from flu are recorded each year," reminds the ministry, adding that pregnant women remain the most vulnerable

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    Re: Tunisia: Flu kills 8, including two pregnant women (Ministry of Health)

    Swine Flu Deaths of Pregnant Hospital Workers Spark Outrage
    Amira Masrour | 26 February 2013 |

    The deaths of two pregnant women working in Gabes Regional Hospital from the “swine flu” virus have prompted controversial reactions from family members, colleagues, and unionists.

    Najwa Zammali, a nurse working in children’s section, died on February 16 from the H1N1 virus. Sourour Retal, a secretary in the radiology department, died two days later.
    “Between 10 and 40 deaths from the flu are reported each year,” the ministry told TAP, adding that “pregnant women remain the most vulnerable.”

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