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One H1N1 flu death case reported in Sudan

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  • One H1N1 flu death case reported in Sudan


    One H1N1 flu death case reported in Sudan 2009-12-20 17:03:48

    KHARTOUM, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- One H1N1 flu death case was reported in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum-based Akhir Lahza newspaper said on Sunday.

    Sources told the Arabic-language newspaper that there were another three H1N1 flu cases in quarantine centers, two in Khartoum hospitals and the other at an hospital in Omdurman.

    The Sudanese Media Center (SMC) reported at its website that the Sudanese federal Ministry of Health had requested the WHO to provide it with its share of swine flu vaccines so that the ministry could implement its new strategy to combat the disease.

    The director of the Epidemiology Directorate at the ministry, Babikir al-Magboul, told the SMC that the vaccine was requested to be used according to specific strategy at a recommendation by the WHO.

    "The WHO recommended immunization of the health cadres and other categories exposed to danger of the diseases including children aged less than one year, pregnant women and elderly people besides persons suffering from chronic diseases such as heart, chest, kidney and liver diseases"

    As for safety of the vaccine, al-Magboul affirmed to the SMC that the WHO authenticated safety of the vaccine and that the organization is known for its keenness on safety of the nationals of its member states.

    He further noted that the manufacturers of the vaccine were subject to international monitoring by the WHO to verify quality of their products.

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    Re: One H1N1 flu death case reported in Sudan

    Federal Ministry of Health: Current flu case in Blue Nile State is seasonal

    Thursday, 24 December 2009 16:12

    The Federal Ministry of Health has said that the current flu case reported in Ressores in Blue Nile State is a seasonal flu. Director of Epidemiology in the Ministry, Babikir Al Mogbul, said that the health delegation in the State is investigating whether it is swine flu. Mogbul affirmed the disease has killed one child and infected dozens others in the area. However, Mogbul said that a new case of swine flu has emerged in Khartoum secondary school for girls. He said that the student is currently under treatment and urged schools to continue with their classes.
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