Humanitarian Bulletin
Issue 40 | 30 September 6 October 2013

Malaria on the rise in Beida locality, West Darfur
According to the State Ministry of Health (SMoH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in West Darfur, an entomological survey completed in the past week suggests a significant increase in the number of malaria cases in West Darfur State, with Beida locality reporting the highest number of cases. According to SMoH and WHO, the number of malaria cases reported in the last week in West Darfur had reached 1,700, compared to 1,400 cases for the same period in 2012. There is an average of 600 cases of malaria per month in West Darfur. The international NGO Merlin has sent antimalarial drugs to Beida hospital in response to the increasing needs in order to control the situation. The health sector partners, led by the SMoH and WHO, have embarked on vector control measures to avert the further spread of malaria.