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Senegal: 7 die of mysterious disease - possible poisoning

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  • Senegal: 7 die of mysterious disease - possible poisoning

    The symptoms actually sound a bit like typhoid, but if this has been going on for over a year, the outbreak would have spread or burned itself out (and typhoid should not be that hard to confirm). There is apparently suspicion this might be the result of the consumption of toxic fruit.,84844

    Issue Archive 20100916.213230
    Date posted 16-September-2010
    Subject PRO / FRA> Unknown disease, fatal - Senegal: ICR

    From: ProMED-mail <>
    Subject: Unknown disease, fatal - Senegal: ICR

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    A ProMED-mail communication
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    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date: Mon, September 6, 2010
    Source: Health News [edited]

    A "mysterious disease called" 7 fatalities in Senegal
    A mysterious disease known as did his
    Boukaour appearance in the rural community
    Simbandi of Balanta for 2nd year
    row. 4 deaths have been recorded by the
    populations, enough for some people
    pack up. The region provides medical
    clinical explanation and reassurance that
    provisions are about to be taken to eradicate the evil at its roots.

    It is called "mysterious disease" for 2
    main reasons, firstly by
    strange behavior of the patient who presents
    clinical signs of delirium, vomiting,
    diarrhea and arthralgia, and then because
    that the causes of the disease are still poorly known.
    A Boukaour village of the rural community of
    Simbandi Balanta in the department of Goudomp
    where the disease was declared on August 16
    [2010] for the second consecutive year, two young
    have already succumbed to the disease as a source
    medical, but the inhabitants believe to 7
    number of deaths associated with this disease since its
    , a number confirmed by Calbert Mane
    Chairman of the Board of Rural Simbandi Balanta
    "For now we can not determine the number of
    sick because the seizure is
    triggers a sudden and the patient made
    involuntary reaction is very strong even if
    a very young child, it becomes difficult
    manageable, it is worrisome
    , "he said.

    Asked about the supposed mysterious illness,
    Dr. Kalidou Konte the Chief Medical Officer of
    S?dhiou region, which after extensive
    exchanged with his colleague Goudomp, made
    that "the disease is manifested by
    clinical signs such as vomiting,
    diarrhea, delirium and arthralgia
    . A
    individual who vomits a lot, which lose much of
    liquid may suffer from delirium
    Scientifically this is the explanation we can
    but give people who do not understand
    are not tempted to compare it to a disease
    mysterious. It was also learned that the 2
    Young died early, ate fruit
    wild, but this remains to be seen
    . "
    And continue "as the quality of unhealthy
    water can cause a lesser
    measure because it is the commodity most shared. We
    would like to reassure the people of
    provisions that we are currently taking.
    Health services, nurses and we
    doctors are on a war footing for
    contain the disease. The first
    Samples have been done but we will return
    for further research, "said Dr. Kalidou Konte.

    Calbert Mane Chairman of the Board of Rural
    Simbandi Balanta has been rather fatalistic
    indicates that "it is the divine cons
    which no one can go. It is a
    situation that worried but I certainly think
    must wait for the technicians on Health
    decide on the question about what he
    is exactly. I informed the sub-prefect
    pending the results of technicians ".

    Until the causes are clearly
    defined and the remedies clinically indicated,
    some residents of the village home of
    pathology have decided to leave
    sometimes without any fixed destination. This home is
    said red zone by the people of
    Balantacounda Brassou and not without appeal to
    strengthening the health system in order to quickly contain this evil.

    [By Moussa Drama]

    Provided by:

    [This situation calls for further investigation
    depth of the health authorities
    especially in the region there are already 7 dead: The
    disease appearing for the 2nd year
    row, health workers should have
    at least one strong argument in order to reassure
    population. The concept of consumption
    wild fruits should be taken seriously because
    very often in underdeveloped countries the
    people eat wild fruits not
    even walls and often the source of intoxication.
    However, the investigation should be wider
    to spare no risk factor
    may be associated with this disease.
    ProMED-FRA would in any case have
    additional information on the situation.
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