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La Reunion - Increase in the circulation of influenza in recent weeks

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  • La Reunion - Increase in the circulation of influenza in recent weeks

    Influenza epidemic in Reunion: two children and two adults in intensive care

    by Sinusoid
    October 10, 20223 min read

    An upsurge in the circulation of influenza has been observed in recent weeks with a continuous increase, for the past three weeks, in emergency visits and hospitalizations. In this context, the ARS and Assurance Maladie RĂ©union have decided to extend the flu vaccination campaign until 31/10/22 in order to increase vaccination coverage, particularly among people at risk.

    Thus, frail, elderly or chronically ill people, but also health professionals, in particular the staff of establishments caring for the elderly and at risk of complications, are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated and benefit from 100% coverage of the vaccine by Health Insurance.

    Epidemiological situation
    (Public Health Data France Reunion)

    The data from visits to the emergency room show that the epidemic threshold has been exceeded over the past two weeks with co-circulation of influenza viruses of type A (H1N1) and B;
    2 cases were identified in pediatric intensive care and 2 cases in adult intensive care;
    An increase in positive samples has been observed in general practice via the network of sentinel doctors and in hospital virological surveillance.

    The importance of getting vaccinated for populations at risk

    There is still insufficient vaccination coverage in 2022:

    49,146 people have been vaccinated since the start of the campaign , out of 186,600 eligible people
    vaccination coverage of 26% of eligible people: comparable to the year 2021 (27%) and well below the national average (around 50%).

    Une recrudescence de la circulation de la grippe a été observée au cours des dernières semaines avec une hausse continue, depuis trois semaines, des passages aux urgences et des hospitalisations. Dans ce contexte, l’ARS et l’Assurance Maladie Réunion ont décidé de prolonger la campagne de vaccinatio
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