The recrudescence among consultations in medicine of city, passages in emergency and isolations of influenzal viruses for four weeks certify of a co-circulation of the virus of the influenza of type A (H1N1) and influenza B. The rooms of wait of doctor's offices do not empty. If two deceases were recorded since July 2010, the Agency of Health of Indian Ocean and the Cell of the Institute of Health Wakefulness that the raised indicators are in seasonal averages, while stressing the necessity to continue respecting the measurements of recommended hygienes.

While the Austral winter touches at its end, numerous is Réunionnais to complain about influenzal pain. Cough, fever, tiredness: such are the symptoms which make them rush at their medicated doctor's. The Agency of Health of Indian Ocean (ARS) and the Cell of the Institute of health wakefulness in region (WAX) reaches the same official report: since four week, the part of the influenzal syndrômes seen in consultation knew a 8 % progress.
Emergency recorded a strong inflow too due to the virus of influenza: 18 passages raised against 1 only one in January, 2010. On a total plan, 16 individuals by whom the case of influenza A (H1N1) was confirmed were hospitalized. Among them, 4 serious forms which required an intensive care were noticed. Since July 2010, two deceases in direct link with an influenzal syndrôme were recorded by the Cell of health wakefulness.

The influenzal virus continues circulating in Meeting. Sophie Larrieu epidemiologist in WAX explains however that situation is less serious than in 2009. And with good reason, in this period, the virus of influenza A (H1N1) had swept all other types of virus. On time actual, ARS and WAX put in day a co-circulation of virus of type A (H1N1) and B. Concerning the present epidemiological situation, both organisms point out that accomplished measurements are in seasonal averages.

If the peak was noticed last week, the epidemiologists of WAX remain careful and do not pronounce on the imminent end of influenzal period.
In this context, health authorities stress importance again to respect the measurements of hygiene which consist in washing its hands often, in consulting a doctor in case of fever, in shiver of feelings of faintness and other symptoms likely to be the result of a shrinkage of the influenzal virus. It is also recommended to the professionals of health and other persons judged at risk (old persons, children) to make vaccinate by their medicated doctor.