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Niger - 39 confirmed cases, no fatalities.

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  • Niger - 39 confirmed cases, no fatalities.

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    Re: 39 confirmed cases, no fatalities.

    French to English translation (Google)

    Health: 39 cases of influenza AH1N1 but no mortal in Niger
    News - Health

    Avian AH1N1 - Niger has registered a total of 39 cases of influenza AH1N1 suffered no fatalities, said on Thursday the Minister of Health, Professor Hassan Nouhou.

    "All 39 cases were treated and healed. The Department has taken steps to both prevent the introduction of the virus in Niger and handle any reported cases, notably the minister said, stressing that activities of sentinel surveillance sites have been strengthened both in Niamey inside the country.

    Almost all cases, thirty-eight were recorded in Niamey and one in Gaya in the period from February 17 to March 24, 2010.

    "Specialty teams in the investigation and management of patients and their relatives have been deployed on the ground," according to Professor Nouhou Hassan, who added that the government had also pre-positioned drugs and protective equipment caregivers for support cases across the country.

    He also indicated that awareness and information were taken to the place people on modes of transmission and preventive measures for avian AH1N1.

    The minister urged people to remain calm, to observe the precautionary measures and prevention are to frequently wash their hands carefully with soap and systematic consultation and training facility in case of fever with muscle aches and pains , cough, runny nose and headache for further investigation.

    Niamey - 25/03/2010 Pana

    Original text:
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