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A/H1N1 Is A Collective Responsibility - Namibia

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  • A/H1N1 Is A Collective Responsibility - Namibia

    WINDHOEK, April 13 (Bernama) -- Chairperson of the National Health Emergency Management Committe (NEMC) Dr Jack Vries reminded that it is individual and collective responsibility to protect ourselves and the patients from the impact of A/H1N1 pandemic.

    Calling for cooperation between the private and public sectors, Dr Vries expressed his dismay that the relevant authorities were not aware of a 27-year-old male tested positive of A/H1N1 after he was among a group of 13 people who returned from a golf tournament in Phuket, Thailand some two weeks ago.

    One result is still outstanding after five swabs were sent from local laboratories to South Africa last week.

    "This caught us unaware. We do not know how far it had spread so far", Namibian Press Agency (Nampa) cited him as saying.

    On awareness programme, Dr Vries said that the Ministry of Health and Social Services is strengthening its public surveillance system and awareness campaigns in efforts to control the re-surfacing of the outbreak.

    Currently, Namibia depends on South Africa to diagnose its H1N1 cases, and results can only be available after 10 days.