First two cases of swine flu confirmed in Namibia (SABCNews, edited)
First two cases of swine flu confirmed in Namibia

July 20 2009 , 9:13:00

Namibia has confirmed its first two cases of swine flu, health officials announced today.

"On Friday we received confirmation through the Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) that we now have two confirmed cases of swine flu or H1N1," Health Minister Richard Kamwi said.

Both cases involved young adults who had been travelling in other countries. The first involved a 13-year-old boy from Rehoboth who returned from a rugby trip with 20 other students in South Africa.

"Everyone who was on that bus, including the five adults, could be identified and traced and were given prophylactic treatment," Kamwi said. In the second case a young student returning from Europe was taken by ambulance to hospital on Wednesday directly from the international airport in Windhoek after she reported severe flu symptoms.

She was treated and allowed to go home. The two ambulance drivers and two South African Airline employees who had attended to her were treated at the airport. "Our nation should not panic and should remain calm, all our logistics are in place," Kamwi said.

Neighbours South Africa reported cases in June and Botswana last Wednesday.

- Sapa
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