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Namibia: 1394 cases of H1N1 in Ohangwena Region; no Tamiflu in entire country

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  • Namibia: 1394 cases of H1N1 in Ohangwena Region; no Tamiflu in entire country

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    1 394 swine flu cases in Ohangwena Region

    BY Sunday, a total of 1 394 cases of H1N1, or swine flu, were confirmed in the Ohangwena Region.
    Most of the patients are reported to be school children.
    A total of 24 patients had to be admitted to hospital because of the seriousness of their condition. Seven were still in hospital on Sunday.
    Of the 1 394 cases, 575 were reported in the Engela area and 819 in the Eenhana area.
    From Friday to Sunday, the number of reported cases in Eenhana rose by 122 ? from 697 to 819.
    At a meeting at the head office of the Ministry of Health and Social Services yesterday morning, it was revealed that more nurses are needed in the region to treat the swine flu patients.
    No deaths were reported by yesterday.
    It also emerged that currently there is no Tamiflu in Namibia. At the moment, patients are treated symptomatically. Tamiflu is used to treat and prevent flu infections.
    According to Dr Jack Vries of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the absence of the drug does not indicate a crisis.
    He said the medication was ordered and is expected to arrive in the country soon.
    At this stage, the outbreak is limited to the Ohangwena Region.


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    Re: Namibia: 1394 cases of H1N1 in Ohangwena Region; no Tamiflu in entire country

    Swine flu cases on the decline in Ohangwena

    OSHAKATI - The Ohangwena Health Regional Director, Kaino Pohamba, says the H1N1 situation in that region has been brought under control.

    Pohamba said the 1 394 cases of swine flu in that region are only clinical cases and not confirmed H1N1 cases. Statistics recorded as ?swine flu patients?, according to Pohamba, included all patients that visited the hospital with coughs and/or fever. Only seven patients tested positive for H1N1.

    ?Any person that comes to the hospital coughing, and they have fever, we obviously have to record that person as a clinical case. But it does not mean that the person has swine flu,? he said. The seven confirmed cases were found among a number of learners admitted at Eenhana Hospital since September 7 this year. The learners were all from Oshidute Combined School.

    It is suspected that the H1N1 outbreak began there.