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Morocco - Children's Hospital in Casablanca on Alert after a "number" of children reportedly ill due to viral meningitis - May 2012

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  • Morocco - Children's Hospital in Casablanca on Alert after a "number" of children reportedly ill due to viral meningitis - May 2012

    I posted this article here because of the mention of "B" which might indicate influenza as an underlying cause of the meningitis-type illness.

    machine translation

    High temperature revive the movement of the virus
    Satisfactory 'Alminanjit' siren, medical interests in Casablanca

    15:14 | 16.05.2012 Rafiq al-Jalal | Moroccan

    See Children's Hospital of the University Hospital Ibn Rushd Casablanca, this week, alert, after receiving a number described as "important" cases that are suspected of being infected with disease meningitis (Alminanjit), which require him special attention so as not to infect others.

    And saw "Moroccan" cases of children placed under medical care to follow the developments of the disease, which remain the most important symptoms, vomiting, high body temperature, and headaches, extreme tiredness, and loss of consciousness in advanced cases, turning the color of the patient to gray. According to medical sources, the severity of the disease vary from one patient to another, pointing out that the disease is a virus not associated with mainly high temperature weather, but is likely to be a heat wave current cause indirectly in the spread. The same source noted that more types of "Alminanjit" deployed in Morocco is a type "B" , by 80 per cent, but most hospitals in Morocco are not available on vaccines and protective of it, compared to provide a vaccine for Type "A" and "Q", as it remains the early detection of infection with "Alminanjit", by recognizing the symptoms, the only way to save the person's life. noted "Morocco," that most cases of interest to children younger than their contract first. A source familiar with the clinic of the Social Security district Hassani, seen in turn receiving a number of infants, they showed symptoms of meningitis, it changed Slokathm through crying continuously, and the tendency of their color to gray, with the occurrence of convulsions. and connect a source familiar with the atmosphere of heat, which is taking place in the Kingdom during the week, and the spread of the virus among infants, who do not to have immune adequate, and said that young people are considered most vulnerable to this disease, since 15 per cent of the deaths are a result of meningitis among children between the ages of three and five, while recording 50 per cent of these cases among children less than a year.