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Influenza A (H1N1): When a statement of the minister Hanoomanjee seeds confusion

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  • Influenza A (H1N1): When a statement of the minister Hanoomanjee seeds confusion

    The minister of Health Maya Hanoomanjee definitely believes make by putting on in first line to announce (H1N1) on influenza A. Nevertheless, his last statement on the decease of a 24-year-old patient rather seeded confusion.
    " An exam " post - mortem performed by a forensic surgeon of the Police, allocate the reason of decease in a pneumonia . This statement of the minister of Health, Maya Hanoomanjee during a press conference on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 is at the root of a debate. The minister took stock of the situation to explain that Gulch Tupsy, 24 years died during weekend had not died from influenza A (H1N1).
    It is the expression " post - mortem used by Maya Hanoomanjee which would have seeded confusion. The fellows of the patient missing person support immediately that no postmortem examination was accomplished on this one. Already, the civil servants were suspected of having misled the minister.
    It is really necessary to say that the services of the Ministry of Health treated this case in a rather particular manner.
    Otherwise, how explain that the body of a person died in Candos is sent to the Hospital Brown Sequard for an exam post - mortem, as assert it the parents of the deceased in the express of Monday, July 19th. These last wonder also why a person died having been hospitalized must be subjected to an exam post - mortem.
    The patient died before even the getting of the results of the laboratory to which we had sent one ' throat swab ' (sample of saliva) to be analysed , declares Maya Hanoomanjee. The patient had difficulties in breathing. His diabet aggravated the respiratory infection. In spite of all care lavished to save it, it returned soul, July 16th at 12 h 10 , she follows.
    Although the medical personnel of the hospital Victoria prescribes antibiotics for Ravi Tupsy, on July 15th, to treat on its respiratory infection, this one returned the following day, there at 01 h 00 of the morning, because it had difficulties in breathing. It was then hospitalized in a common room.
    Then, when his state was got worse, it was transferred to the Incentive Care Unit (ICU) of the establishment. During his hospitalization, one took a sample of one " throat swab " from him and Tamiflu, between others, was managed to him, by virtue of the protocol.
    To a senior civil servant of the Ministry of Health, when the patient returned soul, doctor who was in charge of him, not being sure of the reason of decease, did not sign its death certificate. This one preferred consulting the police case, for a exam post - mortem . What seems to be a currency.
    When a doctor is not in position to sign a death certificate, he consults the Police case. The Police asks then the forensic surgeon to undertake a postmortem examination under the authority of a magistrate , confirms Dr Satish Boolell, ancient Chief Police Medical Officer.
    He adds that a case is summary judgment in the Police when it is about an unknown, suspicious or traumatic death.
    If there is not decease under these categories, the pathologist of the hospital can really make a postmortem examination restricted to take a sample of cloths for aims of diagnosis. Otherwise, the body can be returned to the family , it brings to light.
    The minister of Health spoke of exam post - mortem . Having questioned about the signification of an exam post - mortem, compared with a postmortem examination, the Dr Satish Boolell, points out that there is definitely nuance between two.
    In an exam post - mortem, the forensic surgeon can content himself with examining the body. But he can also open / cut. In a postmortem examination, the doctor must open. If a case is summary judgment in the Police, normally, it is necessary to open / cut the body, unless there are pressures of hygiene which can harm the health of the doctor and the personnel , explains the Dr Satish Boolell.
    Authorities refrained from playing postmortem examination for these reasons. In any case the family of the deceased brings back that a request of their part for a postmortem examination had been rejected When we asked for a postmortem examination, they refused.
    They said that if a postmortem examination was played, illness would spread , underlines the sister of Ravi Tupsy. The family of this one waits for explanation of authorities. It does not understand what arrived at him. We want elucidation. Why? How it arrived? From what did it suffer? , it questions.
    Exam post - mortem or postmortem examination, the forensic surgeon allocated the reason of decease in a pneumonia. A report on this subject, was delayed to the Ministry of Health.