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Mauritius: a case of influenza A sows panic

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  • Mauritius: a case of influenza A sows panic

    A man suffering from influenza A (H1N1) virus is currently supported at the Victoria Hospital, Maurice. Panic is settled following a rumour of 2 suspicious deaths.

    Panic at the Victoria Hospital, in Candos, where is hospitalized for a few days a man of 30 years reached the influenza A (H1N1) virus. 'This MILF suffers virus influenza A (H1N1) for a few days. '' He developed this infection-related complications. Since then, he was admitted to the Victoria Hospital intensive care unit. His case is considered serious enough,'reports the daily Defimedia.

    The hospitalization of the man who would be the nephew of a personality known in the island, caused general panic among the staff. A rumor is circulating that there have already been two deaths linked to the virus in this hospital.

    On the alert, some nurses are self-imposed by a doctor at the onset of the first symptoms of flu. They lurk less abnormal signs, 'they fear for their health,' explains Defimedia.

    Based on the results of the analyses carried out by the laboratory of Virology in hospital Victoria, the Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of influenza A (H1N1) in Mauritius. The authorities however called the inhabitants of the island to not succumb to panic.

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    Re: Mauritius: a case of influenza A sows panic

    Mauritius airport on high alert after discovery of H1N1 flu case

    PORT LOUIS, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- Mauritius on Friday put its international airport on high alert after this week's confirmation of the first case of H1N1 flu.

    Unconfirmed reports indicated that two other H1N1 flu cases had been diagnosed after the first hospitalization, while the Indian Ocean island country's Health Ministry said 30 other cases had been reported.

    Employees of Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Co. Ltd, where the infected person was working, are very worried after the first hospitalization and accused the authorities of lack of communication.

    However, a vast disinfection and clean-up operation was organized on Wednesday.

    Elsewhere, the staff at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Candos hospital in the central region of the island are also fearing about their health status, with nurses demanding that necessary measures be taken to protect workers at the hospital.



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      Re: Mauritius: a case of influenza A sows panic

      An employee of the airport dies of influenza A H1N1

      The H1N1 influenza has made a first victim, yesterday, Tuesday, after the thirty cases enumerated there are three week. Rakesh Dayal, an employee of the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise has succumbed to the complications related to this infection. However, the Ministry of Health reassured that the influenza A is normal in this winter season. Incomprehension, shock and sadness ... This are the sentiments that animate the relatives and friends of Rakesh Dayal died yesterday Tuesday 13 August in the intensive care unit at the Victoria Hospital, Candos. This it professional employee at the boutique Mauritius Duty Free Paradise, Plaisance, showed symptoms of the H1N1 flu shot before to make the soul. Nearly 200 people, including relatives, friends and colleagues, met as a last tribute. Between misunderstanding and immense sadness, they entrust all that Rakesh Dayal was still young and that he had a promising future. This last, age 33, was married and had no children.

      It was a good person, who loved joking. Not to mention the fact that he was very rigorous in its work", entrusted one of them his relatives. Between 2000 and 2005, Rakesh Dayal has done studies in engineering in Ukraine, before returning to Mauritius. It is upon his return that he took employment in Mauritius Duty Free Paradise, at the airport.

      In the meantime, indiquet-it in his entourage, the circumstances of his death remain most disturbing. Questions are asked about this tragedy damning. Because since he would have been admitted and despite the care that would have been provided, the health status of Rakesh Dayal would hardly improved. On the contrary, according to a reliable source, it is said to have deteriorated.


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        Re: Mauritius: a case of influenza A sows panic

        Influenza A H1N1: mystery around two other deaths at the airport

        The Ministry of Health has identified, there is little, thirty cases of influenza A (H1N1). And recently, an employee of the airport of Plaisance, Rakesh Dayal, was a victim. Two other servants of places died from health complications. Their relatives suspect, them, that their death is due to the influenza A (H1N1).

        Rakesh Dayal is not the only employee of the airport Marina to have died due to health complications. Rajkumar Kowlessur, a security officer of the Proguard Company Ltd, is him who died on Wednesday, August 14 at the hospital of Rose-Belle . This father of a family of 29 years, who lives Trois-Boutiques , has made the soul a week after his hospitalization. "
        He began by having a fever. And then, it has been taken for vomiting and muscle pain. It had become all yellow", entrusts his wife Jenita, aged 22 years. The tears in his eyes, the young woman hard to believe that the disease has had reason to her husband. "He could no longer walk. After his death, the doctors told us that his illness was due to spoiled food he had consumed. According to them, he would have eaten a dish infected by the urine of rats and would have contracted leptospirosis (Editor's Note: a bacterial disease caused by the urine of animals, including dogs, cats, horses and more particularly the rats). My husband had lunch usually at the airport", she says.

        Vinay Moolah, another employee of the airport with the same symptoms that Rajkumar Kowlessur, is he died on July 17, at the hospital of Rose-Belle . "It worked with contractors responsible for the construction of the airport. He died after a week of illness. It all started with a little bit of fever, muscle aches and vomiting. He has been admitted to the hospital where he has made the soul a few days later", recounts Preety, the wife of Vinay Moolah. The latter, who lived Carreau-Acacia , Le-Bouchon , left behind him three children aged 3 years, 10 years and 11 years.

        For the moment, another employee of Proguard Ltd, also assigned to the airport of Plaisance, is admitted to the hospital of Mahebourg. According to his relatives, it would be also reaches of leptospirosis.


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          Re: Mauritius: a case of influenza A sows panic

          DEATH OF TWO EMPLOYEES FROM THE AIRPORT: A case of leptospirosis confirmed by the Health

          A second death due to other toxic causes, another employee Proguard hospitalized in Mahebourg

          The article in Mauritius | August 21, 2013 - 22:30

          Rajcoomar Kowlessur, a young 29-year vigil employee Proguard Ltd. SSR Airport, died in hospital of Rose-Belle on August 14 following a leptospirosis, an infectious disease transmitted primarily by rodents, says the Ministry of Health. Death three days later Vinay Moolah, who also worked on the construction of the airport, is due neither to leptospirosis or the H1N1 flu, but complications of toxic origin, he added.

          The two deaths were caused by a "renal failure" resulting from the deterioration of their health and are not due to the H1N1 flu, says a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. In the case of a third patient and employee Proguard Ltd. admitted to hospital Mahebourg, no cause has been officially confirmed today by the Ministry of Health. Note that leptospirosis is a notifiable disease. Seventeen cases of leptospirosis were reported in 2011 by public health services. It is a bacterial infection caused by leptospira which is fatal in case of late diagnosis because it causes kidney failure, the ministry said. It says that it is now the airport authorities to take the necessary measures in the economy. A spokesman for the ministry said that it is ready to work with Airports of Mauritius.

          After the death of Rakesh Dayal, nephew of Minister Suren Dayal, who was employed at the Mauritius Duty Free Shopping Paradise of the SSR airport, those of two other people who worked within the confines of the airport have raised serious concern in these community and within the population where fears of a resurgence of influenza A (H1N1) remain. The diagnosed in one patient died leptospirosis who was stationed at the airport is a bacterial disease transmitted to humans by animals in places contaminated through the urine of rodents, cats, dogs and horses, the contaminated water and wetlands. Diagnosis, which is based solely on laboratory analysis, is often delayed because its symptoms can be confused with flu or gastroenteritis as it is manifested by high fever, vomiting, severe headaches, muscle pain, diarrhea, and advanced by renal and hepatic stage. The incubation period is 15 days.

          The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to fight against the sources of infection to prevent transmission routes, prophylaxis (prevention) of antibiotics, administration of antibiotics at an early stage of the infection, information for doctors and veterinarians, and vaccination for persons engaged in business at risk.

          WHO advises such precautions of hygiene such as washing hands regularly, clean up banks and streams, among others.

          "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
          -Nelson Mandela