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South African prisoner dies in Mauritian jail

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  • South African prisoner dies in Mauritian jail

    South African prisoner dies in Mauritian jail
    Regan Thaw | 1 Hour Ago

    The family of a South African man imprisoned in Mauritius is reeling after learning of his death.

    Jan Venter passed away on Thursday night in a hospital on the Indian Ocean island.

    He was serving a 34-year prison term for a drug-related offence.

    Venter?s fianc?e, Vee Brijlall, is traumatised after learning of his death. She said she was never directly informed by the relevant authorities, including the South African Embassy in Mauritius.

    ?I received an SMS from his mum but nobody from the prison, the directorate, or Mauritius has contacted me.?

    Venter was admitted to hospital earlier this week. The 32-year-old was then placed in an isolation ward after being diagnosed with the H1N1 virus, also known as Swine Flu. His health deteriorated rapidly and he died.

    Conditions in Mauritian prisons have been described by the United Nations as horrific.

    Venter?s family are now demanding answers from both the South African government and Mauritian authorities as to how he contracted the virus and why they were never told of his condition.

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