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Madagascar - Flu outbreak, investigation underway in Antananarivo city

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  • Madagascar - Flu outbreak, investigation underway in Antananarivo city

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    Health - A Resistant Flu Epidemic

    19.01.2018 | 8:35 AM News

    The reported cases of flu shrug at health centers. An investigation is underway in Antananarivo city.

    I am bedridden since last night (note: before yesterday). I feel very weak, I have a high fever, dizziness and digestive problems. My doctor prescribed three injection doses and other drugs tonics to restore me asap "says Rafanamperantsoa Tody, a forty capita in Antananarivo yesterday. What father would with acute influenza.

    A disease that makes several victims in Madagascar almost everywhere, especially in Antananarivo, at the moment, according to Dr. Marcel Rabetokontany. In the city of Toamasina, increased consultations because of flu has been reported. The flu epidemic could soon be declared nationally. "The epidemic threshold is not reached, but it's not far," said Dr. Marcel Rabetokontany. He insisted yet again that the current flu is very strong. His victims would be healed after several days.

    In some health units Antanana-rivo the epidemic threshold is already exceeded. "We have received hundred twenty-two cases of acute respiratory infection (ARI), including cases of acute influenza in December. These patients should not go beyond eighty, "said Dr. Fortunat Razafindralambo, chief physician level basic health center II Ampasanimalo.


    Summer is however not favorable to the spread of the flu, doctors said. "It is especially during the offseason that the flu spreads. But because of climate change, air pollution, malnutrition, overcrowding, the virus is spread, "said Dr. Marcel Rabetokontany.

    Management of Health Surveillance and epidemiological surveillance (DVSSE) launched yesterday an investigation instruction flu cases at health centers in the city of Antananarivo. "According to medical records received, influenza is the main reason for medical consultation now. We will conduct a two or three day investigation to find out what it is exactly, "suggests Dr. Hanitra Randrianarison, Inspector doctor in Antananarivo city. Responses should be conducted at the conclusion of this investigation, to avoid spreading the virus. Good personal hygiene and body hygiene, a balanced diet rich in vitamin C are recommended to avoid the disease.

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