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Androy, Madagascar: Seven children die of unidentified disease, others ill

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  • Androy, Madagascar: Seven children die of unidentified disease, others ill

    Hat-tip Pathfinder. Meningitis?

    7 children die in Androy: The WFP supplies would it be relevant?
    Saturday, May 5, 2012 8:08
    An alarming news reaches us of the common-Mahasoa Bekitro and Belinda, in the District of Bekily, region Androy. Seven children, three of the same day last Friday, died within a week of mysterious illnesses. Parents are alarmed because other patients continue to be reported.
    Migraine, too. Heaviness in the neck. Pain in the belly. And this is death! The warning comes from the village of Betakataky, the common Bekitro, but at least one other municipality, that of Belinda Mahasoa, would also be concerned. A child was still in bed yesterday in the village above, and the morale of parents is low. A common denominator among the seven who died young: they attended the same school, the canteen and of this institution is refueled with food by the World Food Programme (WFP). Where a doubt or a suspicion of food would it be relevant? As the Pasteur Institute, universally relevant for this type of analysis can be found in hundreds of kilometers in the capital, still waiting for the answer. But at the same time, parents do not want to risk without the privilege to benefit from WFP assistance in this region among the poorest of the island. That's why no one dares raise his voice too high, and all are content to spend this hypothesis, the most plausible, whispered a palm front lip. By the way, is there a real doctor to Betakatakaty, or at least Bekitro, the chief town of the municipality? There is doubt, the underdevelopment of the country is ...

    And if by chance, there was a doctor on duty, medical equipment and drugs able to fight effectively against this kind of mysterious and deadly disease are very likely to default. While political factions tear for the control of power, without worrying too much lost time, the population is dying in various ways ...

    Bernard Saraléa