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East Pokot, Kenya: Dozens hospitalized after consumption of dead camel

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  • East Pokot, Kenya: Dozens hospitalized after consumption of dead camel

    Over 20 people were treated at various hospitals in East Pokot after feasting on a camel carcass. The area medical boss Robert Pukose dismissed claims by Higher Education assistant minister Asman Kamama that 50 people had been admitted to health facilities. He said the 20 had been treated and discharged. Dr Pukose said only two people were at Tangulbei Health Centre and were responding well to treatment. Speaking at Chemolingot on Monday, Mr Kamama called on the government to send more health personnel to the area. "We fear that many people fell sick after they ate infected meat," Mr Kamama said, adding that most of them were suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting. Mr Kamama, who is the area MP, said most of the victims were at Chemolingot Sub-district Hospital and Kapedo Health Centre.He said local health centres were ill-equipped and lacked sufficient health personnel to cope with emergencies. The residents said a businessman left the sick camel in the area while in transit a few days ago. It later died. "However, due to hunger, we saw nothing wrong with it and we slaughtered the camel and ate it," Mr Ptiliot Moni, 22, said. He said he developed stomach pains and started vomiting. The medical boss said he had dispatched enough medical personnel to the area to help ascertain the cause of the illness. Dr Pukose said his officers had recovered part of the infected meat. "We urge residents to return the meat they have not eaten to us for medical analysis," Dr Pukose said. He said blood samples of those affected had been taken to the laboratory at Marigat and the results were being awaited. He urged those with symptoms similar to those who were affected to urgently seek medical attention. He downplayed leaders' complaints that health facilities in the area were ill-equipped. "There is no reason for alarm as we've stocked all of them with enough drugs," he said. He said the residents do not have to walk all the way to Kabarnet District Hospital for treatment since Chemolingot Sub-district Hospital was equally equipped to deal with ailments.